3M Sun Control Window Film


Light from the sun is gorgeous, yet it can also bring excessive heat, higher energy bills, and UV rays that damage furniture and cause premature fading of fabric upholstery. Our premium 3m Sun Control Window Film can help protect your property while decreasing energy costs and increasing comfort levels. The best guide to finding window film singapore.

Prestige Series films are constructed from multiple layers designed to reflect or absorb unwanted light waves and reduce glare without altering your view from within. As a result, an attractive film will remain on your windows over time while maintaining its appearance.

Reduces Heat

Sunlight streaming through windows can create excess heat, uncomfortable hot spots, and annoying glare. By adding window film to existing glass surfaces in your home or office, window film can help reduce these problems and enhance comfort while still letting natural light. Views come through – plus, its unmistakable appearance won’t alter or detract from decor aesthetics!

3M Ceramic Series window films block up to 80% of heat-generating infrared rays from the sun and 59% of heat through windows, helping you reduce and save energy costs. Furthermore, these window films also block 99% of harmful UV rays which cause furniture and fabric fading; making it the ideal solution for reducing solar heat and UV in your home while offering beautiful views, durability, and comfort.

Commercial buildings can reap many of the same advantages provided by window films. Adding film to existing window systems can help regulate peak energy use and cooling costs – assisting businesses to become carbon neutral or carbon negative in as little as six months! Furthermore, its ability to block heat gain during summer may prevent costly air conditioning expenses as well as equipment replacement or upgrades from necessitating costly replacement or upgrades for air conditioners or cooling equipment upgrades.

3M Prestige Series window film provides superior heat rejection ranging from 40-90% visible light transmission and is available with various shading options. Plus, its non-metalized surface ensures no interference with device signals and corrosion resistance – not to mention being virtually undetectable when people inside are present – making it the perfect solution for many types of buildings and backed by 3M’s comprehensive warranty program.

Blocks UV Rays

3M sun control window films block up to 80% of infrared rays produced by the sun, dramatically reducing cooling costs. Furthermore, their reduction of UV rays helps keep interior temperatures warmer during winter and protect furnishings from fading.

Natural light that passes through windows can have many unwanted side effects, including excess heat and glare, furniture fading, and artwork faded by UV rays that damage the skin. Madico solar window tinting reduces these issues while virtually leaving your views and appearance untouched.

Without window film, areas near exterior walls and windows tend to be hotter than others due to direct sunlight passing through unfiltered glass surfaces. But window film helps maintain more uniform temperatures throughout a building by filtering sunlight that passes through unfiltered panes of glass.

Also, our 3M sun control window films are made using non-metal technology that does not interfere with signals sent and received by smartphones, enabling you to continue using it at night for navigation, communication, and other uses.

Window film can block out a significant portion of the sun’s infrared rays, significantly lowering air conditioning costs for commercial buildings that rely on AC to maintain comfortable temperatures for customers and employees alike. Furthermore, it reduces glare, which makes using computers or digital displays simpler for many.

Sun damage from UV rays can quickly fade furniture, flooring, and artwork – leading to costly replacement expenses and aesthetic degradation. Our window tints block 99% of UV rays to help safeguard your belongings for years.

Reduces Glare

Window films help alleviate harsh glare that makes working, studying, and relaxing difficult. Their patented technology enables high transmission of natural light while reflecting wavelengths responsible for creating glow – and will increase their performance as the sun moves throughout the day, providing excellent protection and comfort for occupants.

Home window tinting reduces glare from sunlight and interior lights, creating a more relaxing environment for you and your guests. Plus, window films block 99% of harmful UV rays that cause furniture fading – making a permanent solution against unwanted glare! Unlike blinds or curtains, which must be adjusted regularly, requiring constant attention from you!

Glass windows and doors allow natural light into your home but can also contribute to heat gain, higher energy bills, fading furniture, and harmful UV rays. With 3M window film’s solution of reducing glare while increasing privacy and keeping interiors cool and comfortable – natural lighting benefits without its downsides are now possible!

Many commercial buildings rely on air conditioning to maintain a comfortable indoor environment and are increasingly faced with rising energy costs. 3M Sun Control Window Films’ patented technology helps mitigate solar gain while improving HVAC efficiency and reducing glare caused by digital displays for greater employee productivity and reduced heating bills.

Window films, with their patented technology, make an excellent choice for both homeowners and businesses alike, providing benefits like solar control, privacy without restricting natural light or views, increased safety by holding broken pieces together after break-ins or bomb blasts, increased security in breaking-in situations or bomb blasts, as well as contributing towards LEED(r) certification goals.

Increases Privacy

3M Sun Control Window Films enhance privacy without restricting your view. Our non-metalized window films are designed not to interfere with electronic signals in the home and come back with a comprehensive warranty from 3M. Our window films also protect furnishings, flooring, and artwork from UV fading caused by sunlight damage while increasing comfort levels and decreasing energy costs. They reduce glare and heat while still letting in natural light, providing greater comfort and reduced energy costs while safeguarding from sun glare and UV ray damage caused by harmful rays from harmful sun UV rays while protecting furnishings, flooring, and artwork from sun-induced fading caused by sun UV rays while protecting furniture, flooring, and artwork from sun-induced damage caused by sunlight’s damaging UV rays; their non-metalized nature prevent interference with electronic signals within homes, providing comprehensive warranty from 3M.

Commercial building occupants frequently experience discomfort from hot and drafty areas, excessive sunlight streaming through windows, and distracting glare that reduces productivity and energy costs and can negatively impact tenant satisfaction and retention. Window film offers an easy solution with fast payback, quickly installed for increased occupant comfort, aesthetic enhancement, and conservation of energy costs.

3M Prestige Series home window films employ multilayer optical film technology and nanotechnology to block up to 97% of infrared rays from the sun, helping reduce heat buildup, prevent hot spots, and significantly decrease air conditioning costs. Industry-leading spectrally selective films protect interior buildings from harmful UV rays that could otherwise cause irreparable damage to furnishings, carpets, and hardwood floors. Results in a more comfortable environment, with reduced glare and enhanced temperature stability that keeps furnishings looking new. Available as clear or lightly tinted films that won’t alter the aesthetics of buildings. These products feature low exterior reflectivity for increased privacy and beautiful views, while low interior reflectivity lets more natural light enter. In addition, safety and security features help hold shattered pieces together after an accident, natural disaster, or attempted break-in attempt.

Increases Durability

3M sun control window film features an abrasion-resistant coating for added durability, helping it retain its solar reflective properties and adhesion for as long as the windows remain on your home. Furthermore, this coating provides UV ray protection that may cause furniture to fade – plus, the 3M Window Film Prestige Series is backed with an industry-leading warranty to cover you as you own your home!

Natural light can create unbearable temperatures and high energy costs, as well as damage your furniture with UV rays and threaten the health of those in your household. With 3M sun control window films, however, you can enjoy natural lighting and beautiful views without complications.

Spectrally selective films block 97% of infrared heat, helping reduce energy costs and improving comfort. Their low interior/exterior reflectivity won’t interfere with signals in your home, and they are corrosion resistant; additionally, multiple tint options fit any aesthetic preference.

Reduces glare by blocking 99% of UV rays that may cause eye discomfort, making reading or watching television much simpler. Plus, its dark tint adds some privacy during daytime hours!

3M Affinity Reflective Films are precision coated with metals to increase reflectance on glass surfaces and significantly decrease direct transmission of sunlight into rooms, leading to energy savings with a reasonable payback period.

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