5 Gluten Free Thai Food Near Me in NYC


If you are gluten-free, New York doesn’t need to mean simply serving plain grilled chicken and rice dishes; numerous restaurants and bakeries offer gluten-free naan, challah, bagels, and pastries.

This UES restaurant specializes in delicious gluten-free meals and boasts a wall of gluten-free baked goods (including croissants!). They also have an outlet in Paris.

Dirt Candy

Amanda Cohen moved her acclaimed vegetarian restaurant from the East Village to the Lower East Side and expanded its menu in 2015. Though she remains focused on vegetables, Amanda now also offers meatless burgers and fries (such as Lekka Patty made of portobello mushrooms, cannelloni beans, onions, fennel, and garlic) along with salads, soups, and vegan milkshakes.

Erin McKenna of this vegan, kosher, and gluten-free bakery makes delicious cakes, donuts, and brownie bites using only whole, natural ingredients. Her two rules: 1. Use only organic products that meet all three standards (gluten-free/kosher), and 2. Create the most delectable vegan treats in NYC!

New York City can be difficult for gluten-free diners, but more and more quality restaurants are accommodating dietary restrictions. From vegan deli classics to Michelin-starred dining experiences, here is our list of NYC’s best gluten-free restaurants for every food allergy or intolerance imaginable – be sure to notify your server of your food allergies or intolerance before ordering so they can provide a list of safe options!

Pizzeria Delfina

Gluten-free pizza fans rejoice! This restaurant provides an outstanding menu tailored specifically for those requiring special diets, and its prices are affordable. Please choose any of their specialty pies or build your own from their wide variety of ingredients to find a pie that meets your preferences, and keep in mind that the crust is baked separately in its oven to avoid cross-contamination of meals.

Pizzeria Delfina boasts two Bay Area locations that are both highly popular. Offering low-cost yet casual fare inspired by Neapolitan pizza and antipasti using seasonal local ingredients and plenty of wines available by the glass. Their food is delectable, while service is fantastic.

The atmosphere of this modern and trendy restaurant is stylish, and the staff is friendly. Menu offerings have something for everyone; therefore, the restaurant is typically packed. In the back is a small tapas bar where customers can purchase shishito peppers while sipping on an orange-flavored spritzer while they wait for their table.

Toad Style

Vegan sandwiches may often feel like an afterthought — or worse, an aftertaste — but Toad Style takes them seriously. Their veggie-friendly deli, featuring daily soup and entree specials, is one of the top destinations for vegan food in NYC.

This vegetarian restaurant in NYC specializes in vegan-friendly comfort food – an excellent option for those with food allergies or sensitivities. While the dishes don’t tend towards fancy or innovative, they do come highly satisfying – think hearty bowls of pasta and veggie burgers served alongside crunchy fries!

Looking for an economical yet quick lunch spot in NYC? This vegan restaurant includes grilled cheese sandwiches, salads, macaroni and cheese dishes, and funny-named burger options such as the OnlyFans Burger!

This vegan restaurant in NYC is an excellent way to try authentic Thai cuisine without going to a mall. Their chef has extensive culinary training and serves traditional dishes with modernized flair, such as the Glass Noodle Salad (Laab Woon Sen).

Modern Bread & Bagel

Modern Bread & Bagel, established on New York City’s Upper West Side by Orly Gottesman – an internationally acclaimed gluten-free pastry chef – in 2019, is one of the newest gluten-free restaurants. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner exclusively gluten-free menu items include fish, cheese, vegetables, and freshly baked bread; guests can also access its full bar service and to-go/delivery option.

This cafe provides a peaceful and charming environment perfect for enjoying a GF breakfast or lunch and is especially loved by locals. Popular dishes include potato pancakes, breakfast bagels, and cinnamon rolls – and guests also recommend wine, absinthe, or bitter!

Modern Bread & Bagel provides more than just bagels; their menu features gluten-free deli items like salads, smoked fish, and spreads suited for any diet. Their pastries also feature tasty gluten-free donuts from By the Way Bakery! Suppose that wasn’t enough to tempt you. In that case, excellent ramen is available with pork-based, vegetable, spicy, and miso broth options – or try their fantastic donuts from By the Way Bakery!


Peacefood Vegan Cafe and Bakery is an exceptional alternative for those who wish to avoid dairy. Their menu boasts an impressive variety of baked goods, including cookies, pies, quick breads, and cheesecakes; vegan salads and sandwiches on their lunch menu; smoothies and juices are available; and an impressive coffee bar featuring oat milk options.

Bluestone Lane – This Australian-style chain does a fantastic job of clearly labeling its menu with allergen information, offering dairy-free sandwich and bowl options as well as vegan ones, in addition to providing oat milk and almond milk options at its coffee bar and offering special promotional drinks that include dairy-free ingredients.

Boba Guys – With three locations throughout New York City, these artisan bubble tea and coffee shops specialize in dairy-free and vegan items and provide smoothies, iced teas, matcha lattes, and coffee beverages.

Sweetgreen – Sweetgreen offers customizable salads, bowls, wraps, and plates with fresh ingredients in multiple locations across the U.S. They feature clear dairy-free and vegan labels on both their menu and website to distinguish which dishes may contain dairy or not easily; in addition, any food unsold by Sweetgreen is donated directly to local food rescue partners.