Adrian Flux Brokers


Adrian Flux is one of the UK’s premier specialty motor insurance brokers, covering modified and kit cars. This firm also provides home, travel, and telematics (black box) policies.

Noetica’s contact center productivity tools allow the company to optimize call handling. Incoming calls are routed through frontline teams who screen them before assigning each inquiry to one of its specialist motor insurance departments for resolution.

What is Adrian Flux?

Adrian Flux is one of the UK’s premier insurance brokers, offering home, motor, and bike policies to customers at East Winch Hall in King’s Lynn. Their exceptional staff expertise and customer service have allowed them to develop an impressive business over 40 years.

Allianz also provides insurance products designed specifically for drivers learning to drive, sharing their parent’s car, or purchasing their first car. Through their Learner Driver Hub, they provide advice and videos that assist new drivers in entering the road safely.

Third, Party Fire & Theft policies from Caterham Insurance cover damage to other people’s vehicles and property and your car against fire or theft, with coverage provided against legal expenses for loss of a vehicle as part of comprehensive policy coverage. New and existing customers can access third-party fire & theft and comprehensive policies as they cover damage from fire, theft, and legal expenses plus loss of vehicle coverage; both options provide legal expenses reimbursement & vehicle loss coverage. Both options also come with track day cover at no additional cost! They also offer insurance policies tailored explicitly towards classic car enthusiasts covering classic and kit cars, along with classic/kit car specialists offering specialist policies covering classic/kit cars like Caterham; this policy includes track day cover at no additional cost!

Who is Adrian Flux?

Adrian Flux is one of the UK’s largest specialist motor, home, and bike insurance brokers, established in 1974 and known for their dedicated staff expertise and exceptional customer service.

They provide comprehensive car coverage, such as classic car, hot hatch and high-performance cars, modified cars, kit cars, 4x4s, caravan/motorhomes, as well as specialty policies designed for young drivers with previous claims as well as temporary policies that won’t impact your No Claims Bonus.

This company avidly supports Jason Plato and Lewis Kerr Racing as British Touring Car champions, European Sportscar Championship-winner Alex Brundle, and offers comprehensive policies with agreed valuations, 24/7 claim lines, and legal expenses as standard customer coverage.

And they provide home insurance policies tailored to various requirements, from buildings and contents coverage to tenant-landlord insurance. If your property becomes inhabitable, they offer quotes online or over the phone; most credit cards are accepted. Recently they implemented Noetica software to optimize call handling with human process automation and predictive dialing – perfect for improving their call handling processes!

What is the range of cover offered by Adrian Flux?

Established in 1973, this UK specialist motor insurance broker has grown into one of the country’s premier brokers for tailored car, home, motorcycle, and travel policies for cars of any kind; high performance, classic, or modified cars, as well as track day cover is offered through them as is coverage for some renowned racing teams such as Jason Plato Racing and Lewis Kerr Racing.

Also offered are comprehensive home insurance solutions tailored to properties with unique characteristics that might make insuring them more costly with mainstream providers, such as flood risk areas or those requiring higher premiums to insure, such as thatched homes or those with flat roofs; holiday homes, park homes, chalets as well as holiday lets and bedsits/asylum lets. Their landlord policy covers various buy-to-let situations, including blocks of flats, bedsits, and asylum lets.

Adrian Flux provides competitive car insurance rates to new drivers who have recently passed their test or share a vehicle owned by their parents. It also provides videos and advice specifically aimed at supporting young drivers. They offer contents-only insurance at highly affordable rates to protect your possessions against damage or theft.

Can I transfer my No Claims Bonus to Adrian Flux?

Adrian Flux is one of the UK’s largest specialist insurance brokers, offering various car, motorbike, van, and caravan policies. They specialize in classic car insurance as well as providing cover for hot hatches and high-performance vehicles like classic Mustangs or high-performance Ferraris. TPO, TPFT, and comprehensive covers for modified cars can also be provided – and their team can advise how best to obtain the cheapest new driver car insurance quote available.

Adrian Flux offers NCB protection to ensure any temporary policy claims won’t compromise any annual no-claims bonus you’ve amassed.

They provide insurance for other vehicles such as motorbikes and caravans, home, commercial and breakdown policies, cover for those with poor driving histories, and a dedicated buy-to-let team and caravan team.

Can I cancel my Adrian Flux policy?

Adrian Flux offers car, motorcycle, van, classic, and home insurance policies from their network of insurers. Additionally, Adrian Flux provides specialist cover for various vehicles and events like kit and high-performance cars.

Customers can receive quotes online or over the phone from this provider. At the same time, their website also features several helpful tools to assist customers with saving money on insurance premiums and tracking their policies online.

Customers wishing to cancel their policy may do so at any time; however, specific fees apply, including cancellation and broker commission fees. Customers should read their policy documents carefully to comprehend these terms and conditions.

This company is well known for providing superior customer service. Recently they partnered with Caterham to offer tailored car insurance products, including track-day coverage. Calls to the company are promptly answered by one of their frontline teams, who then decide which insurance specialist would best be suited to handle queries posed to them by one of its 15-strong front-line teams using Noetica call flow management solutions and Synthesis productivity tools to maximize efficiency within its 15 front-line solid teams.