Artemis BM – The Goddess of Alternative Risk Transfer


Artemis was often depicted with a golden bow and arrows, hunting dogs, or stags as her animals of choice for hunting expeditions. Artemis served as the patron goddess of agoras and popular assemblies throughout classical art history.

One myth posits that Actaeon, her hunting companion, saw the goddess Naked at Letrenoi and tried to force himself upon her; due to his hubris, he was turned into a stag and later devoured by her pack.

We’re here to help you find your inner goddess.

Artemis BM was officially introduced as the world’s longest-running news, analysis, and data media service focused exclusively on alternative risk transfer (ART) and capital market risk transfer trends in early 1999. While initially created to cover the convergence of traditional re/insurance with emerging capital markets structures like capital market structures such as longevity risk transfer, weather index insurance, and parametric insurance – Artemis now covers them all!

In Greek religion and mythology, Artemis is the goddess of hunting, the wilderness, wild animals, nature, vegetation, childbirth, and purity. Her twin brother Apollo represents music, poetry, dance, and the sun. Artemis often appears as a huntress with her dog and bow – protecting both children and pregnant women with her deadly arrows that kill instantly – yet can also heal, cure or restore life through single shots; she serves as patron goddess to archers, hunters, nymphs, woods – in essence she represents all things hunter related – she is Zeus’ daughter.

She was often accompanied by nymphs and hunter followers and is considered a mighty and dangerous goddess – and any attempt at crossing her would likely meet with swift reprisal. Her sacred animal was the stag; according to legend, she also favored deer and boar as subjects of affection.

One of the more famous tales involves Actaeon, a young hunter who saw Artemis bathing naked in the spring and tried to force himself onto her; Artemis became angry with this and turned him into a stag before devouring him with her hunting dogs. Another is Callisto; after breaking her vow of virginity by sleeping with and becoming pregnant by Zeus (Hera’s jealous husband), her punishment was to become a part-time shepherdess for Artemis.

Her cult was prevalent during the Roman Republic, where she became closely identified with Hekate and Caryatis (Carya). Additionally, Artemis became patron of people and assemblies in ancient Greek Agora; later, Romans transferred her cult to their new capital, Rome. Hellenistic times saw Artemis associated with Mount Parnassus nymphs dancing the Caryae dance while patronizing Arcadia and Laconia.

We’re here to help you connect with your inner goddess.

At times of struggle and stress, connecting to our inner goddess can be challenging. By nurturing her energy and tapping into it to overcome obstacles and take on challenges head-on, nurturing our inner goddess can provide strength to find and keep positive relationships.

Artemis, the Greek goddess of nature and hunting and the protection of women and children, is revered and worshiped worldwide. She is represented by bow and arrow, the stag, and hunting dog symbols, but more enigmatic qualities make Artemis often associated with the moon due to her association with young wildlife animals; she can even be found paired up with Hecate or Selene, Greek, and Roman personifications respectively of the Moon.

Artemis is fierce and independent, yet she cares deeply for her mother and family. She is fiercely protective of those she cares for and will fight hard for their happiness, even at the cost of her happiness. Artemis is an innate leader who doesn’t hesitate to lead groups or take charge in difficult situations.

She is known for her strong connection with nature and animals, making her an excellent representation of all who seek a spiritual connection with nature. She can also communicate with them and provides healing treatments that support your physical and mental well-being.

Artemis can teach us to embrace vulnerability by showing her willingness to become vulnerable to those close to her. While this may be challenging, learning this trait is integral for maintaining healthy and loving relationships. Connect with your inner goddess by being authentic; don’t be afraid to express your opinion, and stand up for yourself!

As soon as you unleash the goddess within, you can tap into your intuition and follow your heart while creating and maintaining loving relationships and being inspired to pursue goals with passion. Additionally, challenging situations will be handled gracefully and gracefully.

If you feel drawn to Artemis, care for her by spending time outdoors and indulging in soul-care-rich products. Meditation on her sacred texts, such as The Hunt, can also help connect your goddess energy. Furthermore, using this ancient text as a reminder that the world is beautiful and abundant should remind you to appreciate those things that bring happiness.