BJ’s Travel Reviews Review


Review score

A quick look at the BJ’s Travel Reviews review score reveals that this popular brand is highly rated among consumers. The brand is popular, has high customer ratings, and offers a range of features that make it an excellent travel option. This website offers travel reviews of all types and destinations, from luxury to budget. The BJ’s Travel Reviews review score is based on 7,000+ trip reviews.

Comparison to BJ’s

In this article, we compare the price and features of BJ’s Travel. The company has received a 4.0 overall score based on consumer ratings, brand popularity, and price competitiveness. BJ’s has an overall score similar to the top 50 brands in the travel category, including Airbnb and Priceline. Both offer delivery and accept in-store and manufacturer coupons. In addition to low prices, BJ’s also offers travel insurance and a wide variety of travel-related services.

In terms of convenience, BJ’s is the most user-friendly, with an intuitive interface. Costco’s site offered a different room but had free cancellation insurance. Costco’s package included round-trip flights to JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark airports, with a rental car added for six dollars a day. In addition, BJ’s offers a 5 per cent cash back program on qualifying travel bookings, though no response has been received. BJ’s also offers a 110 per cent Best Price Guarantee, though it has not responded to repeated requests.

Costco and BJ’s offer similar services. Both have discounted furniture, prescriptions, and eye exams. Both offer in-store fast food, although BJ’s has fewer options in its food court. The stores also offer similar travel packages and vacation deals. The most important difference between these two stores is location. Costco has more locations throughout the United States and internationally, while BJ’s is located exclusively in Ohio.

Costco and BJ’s are neck-and-neck in terms of annual membership fees. Costco requires an annual membership of $60 for a basic plan. BJ’s offers an online access membership for $10. Both companies also offer discounts to new members. BJ’s is probably the better choice if you are looking for a membership discount. There are many benefits to both companies. This article will compare the benefits of Costco and BJ’s.


Our tests revealed that BJ’s travel website had the easiest interface and easiest navigation. BJ’s also offers fully refundable options. BJ’s also offers a five per cent cash back program on qualifying travel bookings, although the company has not responded to repeated requests for information about the program. However, the company is known for its 110 per cent Best Price Guarantee, which makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a great price.

User experience

While searching for online travel review sites, we found BJ’s Travel site to be the easiest to navigate and offer the nicest interface. The company’s site offers fully refundable travel options and a cashback of 5 per cent on qualifying purchases. BJ’s did not respond to requests for additional information about the cash-back program. The site offers a 110 per cent Best Price Guarantee, a nice feature, but we found the website slow to respond to repeated requests for information.