Capital One Arena Bag Policy


Capital One Arena, home to the Washington Wizards and NHL Washington Capitals, has implemented a strict bag policy to protect fans. Only wallet-size clutches, medical bags, and parenting bags no larger than 14″x 14″x 6″ will be permitted into the venue.

Backpacks of any size and luggage bags, roller bags, and briefcases are prohibited at the venue. An express line for those without bags has been established at F Street’s entrance.

Wallet-Size Clutches

Capital One Arena in Washington, DC, is an increasingly popular venue for basketball and hockey games, concerts, and other events. To ensure fan safety, the platform has implemented a strict bag policy that regulates what can and cannot be brought into the arena, helping create an ideal environment while streamlining entry processes. Guests should read over this policy thoroughly before attending events at Capital One Arena so they have an enjoyable experience at their destination venue.

Only wallet-size clutches may be brought into the arena and must not exceed 5 inches by 7 inches; these clutches are ideal for holding cards and essentials at an event or concert at the theater. Attendees are encouraged to bring a water bottle that can be filled at one of two fountains outside the stadium; free Wi-Fi is also provided, and there is even a Nursing Mother’s Lounge across from Section 217 for mothers who require quiet space to feed their infants.

As with any professional sports venue, security conducts rigorous bag searches upon entry to the arena. Backpacks of any size are prohibited, as are luggage, roller bags, hard-sided purses, or briefcases; exceptions to this are medical/parenting bags, which must not exceed 14 inches long by 14 inches wide by 6 inches high; those looking to bypass being searched can use an express line at F Street entrance instead.

The arena offers a no-bag or express line for visitors who wish to avoid bag searches. Visitors should arrive early for their event to minimize delays during entry procedures. A clear one might be more practical when bringing large bags, allowing security staff to inspect contents without opening them first.

Medical Bags

Capital One Arena, home of the Washington Wizards and DC Capitals, has implemented a strict bag policy to ensure guests’ safety at events. This no-bags policy limits what types and sizes of bags can be brought into the arena; only wallet-size clutches and medical/parenting bags meeting specific size restrictions may enter, with security screenings applied upon entry for each bag into the building. Knowing all applicable policies before attending an event will make your experience seamless!

Upon entering an arena event, all patrons must pass through a metal detector and scan their tickets before entering the building. Any individual carrying prohibited items may be denied entrance or even removed entirely from the arena; thus, it is wise to arrive early with clear bags for easier searching upon arrival and open any pockets within them to avoid delays and save yourself trouble!

Capital One Arena recognizes that attendees require medical or parenting bags during games or concerts, allowing this exception in its bag policy. Bags should not exceed 14 inches in length, 14 inches in height, and 6 inches wide. They must pass through a special medical/parenting bag check entrance located on 6th and F Street to make entering with these belongings easier for families.

Additionally, the arena allows fans to bring water bottles. Water bottles must be unopened and clear, just as any food or beverage containers must. Furthermore, an express line exists for guests without bags or with wallet-size clutches that meet size requirements.

Capital One Arena also enforces umbrella rules, with guests only permitted to bring collapsible umbrellas into the venue. However, prolonged or golf umbrellas are strictly prohibited to ensure guest safety and prevent them from tripping over large umbrellas and falling.

Parenting Bags

As Capital One Arena hosts Washington Wizards games and concerts, attendees should familiarize themselves with its strict bag policy to help protect guests while streamlining the entry process. While wallet-size clutches and medical bags up to 5 inches x 7 inches may be brought into the venue for use during events or concerts at Capital One Arena, backpacks or large purses are strictly forbidden; a special parenting bag entrance at 6th and F Street Street allows those needing extra storage for children an exception into entering through an alternative door.

This venue utilizes walk-in metal detectors and is dedicated to the safety of all guests – including children attending games or concerts, media guests with access to restricted areas, and bags exceeding 14 inches long by 9.5 inches tall by 6 inches wide. All guests must present photo identification, and all belongings will be inspected upon arrival; those attending events with small children should bring either a child carrier or backpack for inspection purposes.

Capital One Arena is an outdoor professional sports venue, so it is no surprise that their bag policies are stringent to ensure guests a pleasant and safe experience. Conveniently located near many restaurants and bars in Washington, DC, Capital One Arena makes for a fantastic destination to catch basketball or hockey games!

Alongside strict bag policies, the arena also imposes various other fan restrictions. These include no outside food or beverages, weapons, or smoking inside. While these may appear restrictive, they’re in place to ensure guest safety and create a welcoming experience for everyone who enters.

Capital One Arena events provide several ways around their strict bag policies. One such method is utilizing portable storage lockers from Bounce at convenient locations throughout the city; an alternative solution would be leaving their bag at home and opting for something smaller like a clutch or small purse to enjoy their experience without worrying about losing belongings during an event.

Clear Bags

Capital One Arena requires visitors – whether attending concerts or watching their team play – to undergo a security screening, typically walking through a metal detector and searching their bag or purse. Failure to follow the rules could result in denial of admission or expulsion from the venue – to avoid this happening, plan by arriving early with clear stadium-approved bags that fit within their guidelines and use clear stadium-approved bags that do not overhang them.

Though the venue has a no-bag policy, some exceptions allow attendees to bring belongings without violating its rules. Wallet-size clutches measuring 5 inches by 7 inches may be brought in; medical and parenting bags not exceeding 14 inches long by 14 inches high by 6 inches wide are allowed; backpacks and purses, luggage roller bags, or hard-sided briefcases are not.

Attendees should remember to adhere to the venue’s clear bag policy, bring photo identification, and anticipate a thorough security check upon arriving – this can facilitate entry faster while guaranteeing everyone’s safety.

Notably, fans should remember that the venue does not accept outside food or beverages such as water bottles, soda cans, or cans, as these will not be taken into their facility. Instead, visiting one of the various concession stands within their facility is recommended to purchase food or drinks for their event experience.

The venue website features a comprehensive list of banned items to assist fans in avoiding issues with security at the gate and allow them to focus on enjoying their event without worrying about breaking the rules at security checkpoints. In addition, this website features a map of its facility and contact numbers so fans can text staff during events for assistance or emergency support.

Capital One Arena’s strict no-bag policy necessitates fans follow these guidelines closely to avoid any issues at the entrance and provide a seamless experience for all attendees. Furthermore, this allows those needing their belongings after an event has ended more easily to find them again afterward; for this reason, it might be worthwhile purchasing a small pouch or wristlet as protection during games or concerts.