Customizing Your Swiss Army Knife


Swiss Army Knives have long been a classic piece of pocketable gear since before EDC became mainstream, providing ample utility in a slim, ingeniously designed package wrapped with luxurious wood scales. Obtain the Best information about custom blade design.

But if you want to give yours an individual touch, there are numerous customization options out there – from scale swapping to fully tailored suites of tools – here are ten makers who can assist.


Victorinox Swiss Army Knives can help any hiker, traveler, or businessperson do more with less space. Their pocket knives include an array of tools – USB drives, flashlights, and golf tee punches are just a few! Additionally, unique versions may even contain peelers, hammers, or nutcrackers!

The SAK multitool offers an incredible set of tools designed to be easily stored in your pocket without taking up too much space. Its compact size and comprehensive set allow for effortless preparation for any situation life may throw your way – making you feel like MacGyver!

A select group of companies specialize in customizing Victorinox SAKs. They can transform the color of your knife, add personalized scale engravings, or even design unique tools specifically tailored to it.

Swiss Bianco

Swiss Bianco was established by an ex-Swiss Army MP as a one-stop shop for custom SAKs, offering all manner of customization, including handle scales and accessories, as well as complete rebuilds. They specialize in CNC machining parts made of brass, copper, and titanium materials as well as complex anodized and black oxide tools – they even specialize in customizing scissors layers! Located in Gdansk, Poland.

Swiss Bianco provides more than custom scales; their wide selection of accessories and replacement parts for any model of Swiss Army Knife includes vital rings, nail files, and numerous valuable tools – prices are highly competitive as well. Their website also hosts an active forum and FAQ section to assist potential purchasers in making an informed decision for their next purchase.

Chris Custom Works

MetonBoss in Orange, California, creates stunning titanium scales for SAKs textured with multiple tones anodization as well as customized shapes such as including crosses or tools.

Chris Custom Works is another premier custom maker that specializes in hardwood scales crafted with exquisite woodwork. These scales come in an assortment of colors and finishes for you to select. Additionally, Chris offers Kydex sheaths, which can be threaded with a cord or fitted with a Tek-Lok for belt carry.

Christopher Berry of Big Chris Custom Knives recently joined Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco on his podcast to discuss the art of customizing an automatic opening knife (AOJ), his background, and his work as part of Blade Sports reality television.


Customizing a Swiss Army Knife offers you many choices; however, be aware that custom knives can often be quite pricey due to a combination of factors such as material costs, talent development costs, and time invested – yet these knives are worth their price!

Sean Dooley has been customizing SAKs, specifically the 58mm MiniChamp, for four years. As an electrician on nuclear submarines, he’s used to working with precision tools and is quite familiar with assembling slip-joint knives.

He’s the only modder I know who engraves all his custom pieces and offers various textures for his scales and even limited edition colorways, such as modernish Pioneer in red. He uses his Mini-Mill to primarily shape scales and liners as well as etch the cross, but he can also do it manually using a file.


No matter your task – be it nail removal or bottle opening – the Swiss Army Knife has got your needs covered. But for something extra special, look no further than Wenger 16999; its massive multifunctionality offers over 140 functions with its 87 implements!

Sean Dooley is an Electrician Technician by trade, but his true passion lies in customizing SAKs. He started by creating custom thumb studs and lock bar stabilizers, then moved on to crucial chain tools and lanyard rings before finally embarking on creating his most recent masterpiece: a SAK equipped with a removable toothpick and tweezers.

Andrzej Woronowski of Gdansk, Poland, creates exquisite custom scales for Swiss Army knives. His work stands out from the competition, elegant yet striking in their style. Additionally, Andrzej crafts unique handles made from wood, G10, and micarta for his Swiss Army knives; they boast an avid following as his scales come in various shapes and materials.


The Swiss Army Knife is an indispensable everyday carry for millions of men and women worldwide. A trusted tool among campers, engineers, tinkerers, and DIY enthusiasts alike – perfect for camping trips, engineering jobs, or tinkering projects around the house! Equipped with nail files, screwdrivers, and blades.

Sean Dooley is an electrician by trade who has been modding SAKs for four years. His work has garnered him international acclaim. Starting with simple mods such as knife thumb studs and lockbar stabilizers before moving on to more complex ones.

The Spartan Wood Swiss Army Knife features ten essential functions in an attractive slim profile that fits neatly into pockets or toolboxes. Its handcrafted aesthetic comes from its stunning walnut scales – making this knife an excellent companion on outdoor adventures!