Describe What You Are Selling Meaning In Hindi


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Selling is the process of transferring ownership of goods or services to another person for a price. This is the opposite of buying and purchasing and is also known as merchandising or trading. The word has many synonyms, and related words are auction, auctioning, bargaining, merchandising, sale, transferring, and vending. Hamariweb’s online English-to-Hindi dictionary offers you the most accurate and comprehensive search for words with detailed information on their meaning, pronunciation, etymology, and similar words.

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There are several synonyms for the word sell, including monetizing and merchandising. You can also use a word substitution website to find synonyms for specific words. These websites are helpful because they can provide you with a list of relevant words and their meanings. They can also help you develop your vocabulary by allowing you to create word maps and provide definitions. In addition, these sites can help you learn new words and improve your writing skills.


Sell is an action that involves the transfer of ownership or possession for a consideration. It may also affect the offering of a service for a fee. Alternatively, sales can be completed in response to an acquisition, appropriation, or requisition. Other similar words include Auction, Bargain, Boost, Buy, Closing, Contract, Drum, Dump and Hustle.

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The earliest usage of the verb sell was in the sense of handing something over willingly in response to a request or demand. Its origin is uncertain, but it can be traced back to Old English sellan and possibly from Old Norse selja ‘give up, sell’. It is a compound of the noun sell and an adjective, and it is pronounced [sel-ing]. It is also written as secret in Roman. Other related words are sleuth, hawk, pitch, hush, and hustle.