Doing it Dance of Shiva – Slow and Smooth


I’ve discovered that doing the Flow of Shiva slowly thinks good. It gives me a chance to feel what I am accomplishing. My inspiration for carrying it out slowly comes from some options, one of the main ones being Tai Ji. To know about siva om siva om lyrics in tamil, click here.

I’ve been doing Tai Ji for some years now, and I now find that I will have learned to feel the motions while doing them little by little. On the other hand, it is easy to carry that “Feeling” into making those same motions fast. In either case, instead of thinking of what I have to do, I feel that. And I adjust what I am doing when I need to, so what I am doing is great. I’ve started applying that to learning forms that happen to be supposed to be done fast.

For instance, to learn to do a Gong Venne sword form, I’ve been rehearsing the movements slowly to achieve the feeling so that the moment I have the feeling, I aim to carry that experience into doing the movements a little by little faster and faster. Every time I notice mobility where I don’t know the feeling, I train that “segment” until My partner, and I get the feeling, and then My partner and I try to string the moves together again.

The overall experience can be like riding a new wave, allowing the energy of merely one movement to carry me into your next movement. Rather than with the movements, I feel these individuals and allow them to happen. It won’t come easy. I must practice. For example, to learn the sword form often, I initially play the relevant component to the DVD, watching precisely the same piece over and over again so that I am aware of what I am supposed to do. For that reason, I can try to copy it when I go to your car park to practice.

Often I’ll assume I understand the movement. However, I’ve forgotten to look at many key elements, perhaps the direction I can be facing, which will make footsteps first in addition to where, or even what I am doing with my blade hand and my no-cost hand. However, once I’ve established the choreography, I can start to feel the travels, making adjustments according to the means of the moves I feel each time I do them.

Eventually, My partner and I get to a point where We can practice in such a way that it feels like my whole body is involved in such a way that I can certainly feel my whole body with each movement. Of course, that doesn’t imply every part of my body travels, but it does mean that each part of my body supports things I am doing, whether that part is stationary or dynamic.

Relaxed and Easy

Generally, to maximize my ability to feel my body, I try to be as relaxed as possible, given the position or movements I am trying to carry out. Suppose I deliberately engage virtually any part of my body. In that case, it is to offer support, positioning bones and the forces engaged on them so that other parts can easily relax. Staying relaxed and smoothly connecting one movement to the next, I can then utilize the weight of my body, the weight of the sword, or perhaps momentum to carry me from one position to the next.

Being peaceful is important, and feeling the body is additionally important. Still, when we proceed, smoothness is how we monitor energy and allow the vitality of what we are carrying out to carry us from one placement to the next. Smooth is successful, and it can also be beautiful. Easy and Slow leads to Easy and Fast.

Feeling Everything, we are Doing.

Applying this specific to any physical activity, we are usually learning. If we practice carrying it out slowly and smoothly, we could focus on feeling the motions and positions as we carry them out. As a result, we come to be present. Doing something quickly is another way of becoming present, specifically if you have to focus on what will come next. However, if we discover slowly first, we could carry the smoothness that individuals learn from doing slowly and quickly. As a result, I’m less likely to suffer harm or be sore in the morning.

Doing the movements slowly, after a while, we gradually realize the most beneficial path for each movement, the trail that takes the least strength while still maintaining is very important intent of Everything we are doing. And this journey may be different from day to day, according to our body and the environment, however we now the feeling that we are trying to find and can find the host to smooth movement anyway.

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