Eddie’s Pizza on Long Island


This restaurant specializes in pizza but also provides tasty antipasto salads and delicious biscuits in a pleasant setting with fast service.

This restaurant is ideal for family meals or quick slices of pizza to go, offering an impressive selection of Bar Pies as well.

Bar Pies

Eddie’s is a casual eatery located in New Hyde Park, Long Island, that exudes vintage charm. They offer delicious pizzas and sandwiches, such as their famous Bar Pies, as well as tasty appetizers to complement your meal.

Since 2015, they’ve received numerous requests to open in Manhattan and finally decided to do it! Their new location will offer their famous thin crust “Bar Pies,” along with full bar service.

Eddie’s takes it back to basics with their bar pies, boasting a cracker-thin crust with plenty of flavor yet fewer calories! Each slice only contains 7-8 grams of fat and 270 total calories!

Their pizza is prebaked in their basement so it can be quickly and efficiently assembled at their restaurant with its brick ovens, and even featured on an episode of the HBO series Entourage! You can find their delicious food all across the world – even in frozen food sections – including nationwide and global stores.

Personal Pizzas

Personal pizzas offer a fun, customizable take on traditional, more giant pizzas. Easy to divide into four slices and complete with your desired toppings, they make for a great dinner with friends or a family meal, as well as lunch or snacks on the go!

On the menu are classic pizza toppings like pepperoni and sausage, as well as vegetarian-friendly options like roasted red bell peppers and mushrooms. Also offered are salads and sandwiches for lighter fare, as well as pineapple cups and cookies as dessert options.

Make a personal pizza by combining pizza dough with your desired sauce and cheese combination, as well as any selected ingredients, before baking in a preheated oven for 12-15 minutes until the crust is golden brown and the cheese has begun to bubble. Slice into four equal-sized pieces when ready to enjoy, or make ahead and store in either the fridge or freezer until needed later on! This recipe makes an ideal way to save time when entertaining guests or hosting family get-togethers!


Eddie’s offers the usual pizza and sandwiches, including Porchetta and Spicy Chicken sandwiches, which are both quite good. Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers can all be added for toppings as desired, though be mindful that Eddie’s truck oven tends to leave some edges uncooked; for optimal results, request a less-done crust if possible.

Subs are enormous and come with chips and a pickle spear on the side, along with various kinds of fries (sweet potato!). Also available are salads, wraps, and appetizers, as well as Pepsi products to choose from.

Eddie Stalewski has been making pizza since he was 13, having started working in a pizza restaurant when he was younger and loving it so much that he decided to open his place. His passion for creating delectable ‘is evident on his Instagram profile, with many followers following along for their delicious journey! Check it out to witness it yourself.


Salads with your choice of dressings and garlic knots.

A delightful mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, romaine hearts, carrots, and red cabbage; fresh mozzarella with tomato basil and roasted red peppers on garden salad; Feta, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini, and stuffed grape leaves in addition to cucumbers, tomatoes, red cabbage, grilled chicken over romaine; mixed greens with sun-dried cranberries Gorgonzola cheese walnuts or Arugula beets goat cheese pine nuts combined with Granola and Gorgonzola cheese!

Our delightful garden salad features freshly grilled chicken breast and is served alongside classic potato salad and garlic knots for a charming dining experience.

Garlic Bread

Ideal for quick bites or pizza slices, they have a vast array of items on their menu.

Their pizza is prepared using premium quality ingredients that will indeed please. In addition, there is an impressive variety of beverages to complement your meal – the service is top-notch here, and the food always arrives fast.

I highly recommend this place; their portions are enormous, the pizza is delicious, and their garlic bread is incredible! Plus, it’s very reasonably priced, with a fantastic atmosphere to boot!

At Vintage Pizza Shoppe, you will experience a casual vintage vibe, and the staff is amiable. There is an assortment of pizza varieties and other dishes for you to select. Draft beer and martinis can also be ordered here, along with delicious biscuits – their customer rating stands at 4.6, and prices are pretty affordable; their staff members are great, too.