Explorer Travel Insurance Reviews


If you are looking for travel insurance, you should look at Explorer Travel Insurance. They offer affordable and comprehensive coverage that is ideal for travelers. You may also want to check out Journey Travel Insurance or Trawick International. However, you will find that you must compare their products carefully. These insurance plans are designed with your needs in mind, so read the details of their policies.

Explorer Travel Insurance

If you are traveling abroad, you need travel insurance. An explorer travel insurance review can help you make a more informed decision on the policy you need. These reviews cover everything from the price to the coverage options, contact details, and the claim process. This insurance can make your trip more secure by protecting you from unexpected situations.

Explorer Travel Insurance offers several policies to suit all budgets and types of travel. Its single-trip policy is suitable for short breaks to the beach, sightseeing tours, and city breaks. It also has multi-trip policies for those who are frequent travelers. Moreover, it offers coverage for children and those with medical conditions. It is also easy to buy and get a policy online. The company also offers customer service to answer all your policy questions.

Journey Travel Insurance

The Journey plan includes extended medical coverage and airline ticket exchange fees. It also provides coverage for pre-existing conditions and offers up to $500,000 emergency medical coverage. Travel insurance can also protect you against the cost of stolen luggage and other items. In addition, the plan provides emergency assistance in case of illness, accidents, and evacuation and reimburses you for insured travel expenses if you’re delayed or stranded in a foreign country.

It’s always a good idea to compare travel insurance policies before choosing a plan. Look for one with low premiums, few exclusions, and a high customer satisfaction rating. You also want a policy that covers specific trips. If you’re unsure what, travel insurance policy to buy, consider using a comparison site, such as InsureMyTrip. It searches over 20 insurers and provides quotes for your specific needs.

World Nomads

World Nomads Explorer travel insurance plan has some unique features. It covers emergency medical costs for travelers. The company provides a 24/7 emergency assistance line where customers can talk to a live person. In a medical emergency, the company’s assistants will help the customer with transportation and payment to the hospital. The company also offers coverage for more than 150 activities, including bungee jumping, rock climbing, hang gliding, and hot air ballooning.

World Nomads has an insurance plan that is perfect for travelers who like to adventure. This plan offers different limits and can be customized to suit every traveler’s needs. It also covers pre-existing conditions and extreme sports.

Trawick International

Trawick International’s travel insurance covers medical expenses, emergency repatriation, and trip cancellations when a physician advises. In addition, the company offers a 24-hour emergency hotline and an online chat service. While the company’s website is not particularly informative, it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has only had one complaint over the last three years.

Trawick offers several travel insurance plans, and most cover different aspects of travel. Customers can get a free look period of ten days to review their policy and determine if it suits their needs. If unsatisfied, they can cancel the policy without any extra charge.

HTH Travel Insurance

HTH Worldwide travel insurance offers luxurious benefits at an affordable price. Its policies cover medical expenses up to $500,000 for one person or $1 million for two. They also cover hospitalization, office visits, and prescription drugs. In addition, the company has a global network of doctors in 180 nations, which makes it ideal for travelers with medical concerns.

HTH Worldwide is one of the largest providers of international health insurance. It was founded in 1997 and has grown to become a well-known provider of travel insurance and health insurance for travelers worldwide. The range of HTH Worldwide’s travel insurance policies varies depending on which one you select, but most policies cover travel to all countries except your home country. Some policies also exclude countries with a risk of war or terrorism.