Fruits Fancy Dress Costume Ideas


Dressing in a fruit costume for any fancy dress party can be an easy and fun way to join in the fun. These adorable costumes make great Halloween costumes as well as birthday presents!

Have some fun at your hen party or costume party by sporting one of these colorful crayon costumes – perfect for kids and adults alike.


Watermelons make the ideal treat on hot summer days. Put your child in character as this delicious fruit with our Watermelon Fancy Dress Costume for Kids – designed to look just like a slice of watermelon, complete with pink sides, black seeds, and green rind! With its meticulous attention to detail and cute design features, your little one is sure to steal the show at any Halloween party or theme event!

The costume’s striking design was inspired by a sweet treat: watermelons! Featuring a green tunic with seed-like details to mimic its outer rind, giving your child an instantly recognizable and colorful look that is instantly recognizable. Plus, this soft and breathable fit allows your child to move freely throughout their party experience – not forgetting its delightful headpiece in the shape of a watermelon slice to complete this fun and whimsical ensemble!

Unisex Design: This watermelon fancy dress costume for children is specifically tailored for both boys and girls, making it the ideal option for any gender-neutral-themed party. The easy tunic-style design ensures your child can put it on and off quickly so they can enjoy their party without fuss or discomfort. Furthermore, its comfortable fit makes this costume great for school events, fancy dress competitions, imaginative play at home, and celebrating birthdays or theme parties at school or home! Whether your little one is celebrating birthdays, going to theme parties, or simply enjoying some creative playtime indoors, they will enjoy every minute of wearing this costume – every guest will want a bite!


If you want to channel the magic of Willy Wonka this Halloween, this blueberry costume may be just what you need. This plush outfit comes complete with its signature berry shape and leafy hood, but the rest of your look can be customized by face paint, stockings, mitts, or sleeves – making it the ideal costume option for people who can’t choose one fruit and want to portray an assortment instead. This choice also works well if you can’t pick just one!

If your child wants to dress as a fruit for Halloween, try this easy DIY banana costume idea! Any white dress or t-shirt can quickly transform into the banana’s body, while felt can add yellow leaves for decoration. Complete the look by adding a hat and some black eyes!

Grapes make an excellent group costume option; both children and adults can don this ensemble to complete your theme or group costume ensemble. Pair this costume with orange, lemon, or apple costumes for even more creative costume ideas; perhaps try doing “Mommy & Me” by dressing your toddler as baby grapes!

An adorable twist on this classic vegetable, dressed up as a country witch in this black-and-white gingham dress! Perfect for groups or families alike and super easy to put together!

Dress as Steve Jobs for Halloween to add some severe fruit fun this Halloween. Wear a black and white tunic paired with jeans and a denim jacket to achieve this look – perfect for someone who is known to think outside the box and push boundaries! It makes an impressive Halloween costume.

This wedge of lime costume offers a cute and unique take on this beloved citrus fruit, complete with its distinctive wedge shape. This low-commitment costume will certainly bring conversation at any party it attends! It even comes complete with its slide-on tunic that can be worn over warm clothing for extra warmth – guaranteeing conversation starters for years.


Bananas are sweet and versatile fruits that make for delicious fruit salads or pancake batter mixes, not to mention are used in popular drinks such as banana milkshakes, splits, and bread! Banana costumes make a fun and tasty addition to any fancy dress party; we offer our collection of banana costumes!

This Adult Banana Costume is a fun and simple way to add lighthearted humor to any party! Made of bright yellow fabric with black tips, the costume features cutouts for the face, arms, and legs so that you can dance around freely! Perfect for birthdays, hen parties, or Halloween! Get this festive look now and watch as your party goes wild!

Join your friend in wearing this banana costume as part of an amusing banana duo for an even funnier ensemble! Or combine this look with another animal, such as a monkey, to further delight party attendees! For added fun and style, don’t forget to add accessories such as sunglasses and banana bags to complete your ensemble!

Add an exciting flair to your banana costume by giving it the “peeling” effect. To achieve this look, secure some felt banana peels to a yellow hat. Yellow or brown shoes will complete this ensemble and help give a seamless appearance.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not dress as a banana and go bungee jumping? Your unique costume will surely stand out in a crowd and impress both friends and family alike – remember to wear a helmet to protect your head in case any accidents arise!


Strawberry costumes are an ideal Halloween option for youngsters who don’t wish to go overboard on scariness, as well as any special events outside of Halloween, like school performances and birthday parties. This soft, round, and bright red dress mimics the appearance of real strawberries with cotton lining for comfort. It comes complete with its matching hat!

For the headpiece, cut a nine-inch span of green felt and fold it in half lengthwise before hot gluing it to create a cushion shape. Be sure the length exceeds that of your dog’s neck (typically around their belly). Cut three strands of wire that each fit within this span and arrange them on the fabric evenly before hot gluing firmly to the fabric until all hot glue has set and cools completely before touching the glue with fingers or other items.

Make your strawberry costume with everyday household items! A red shirt or dress, green felt used for the stems and leaves of strawberries, and some green accessories complete this ensemble!

Create extra detail by painting the seeds on your strawberries using either a black marker or paint. For an authentic look, pair this up with green pants and an authentic-looking felt hat!

An excellent Halloween costume option would be to transform yourself into a fruit shake. This costume can easily be made at home using some basic materials and will surely be a crowd-pleaser at any candy-laden Halloween celebration!

If your little one loves fruit, this adorable costume will put a smile on everyone’s face! Accessible and charming all at the same time. For this project, all that’s required for the body of the strawberry is a onesie with green fabric glued onto it; to create the hat, cut some leaf shapes out of green felt fabric.