Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden


Hoomaluhia translates to “to cause or give peace,” and you’ll discover that when entering this garden. Conceived and built by the Army Corps of Engineers as flood protection, this rainforest garden includes plants from major tropical regions like the Philippines, Malaysia, India & Sri Lanka, Thailand, Melanesia, Hawaii, and Polynesia.

Visitor Center

Hoomaluhia, which translates to “to bring peace,” provides visitors of this botanical garden in Kaneohe on Hawaii’s windward side with an idyllic, 400-acre oasis that will make you feel transported into another world. Surrounded by mountains from the Koolau mountain range, visitors will feel calm from the moment they pull into its parking lot.

The garden features plants from around the world and is an excellent way to discover something you may never have experienced. You can take various trails through its grounds to learn more about what grows there – you could spend several hours or even all day visiting this unique space!

Once inside, you’ll discover a small visitor center where you can obtain basic information on the park and purchase tickets for various activities like hiking and camping. Open from 9 am-4 pm daily with bathrooms available as well.

Picnic areas are scattered throughout the grounds and offer the ideal place to enjoy lunch in peace. There’s also an art gallery worth seeing, and should you have time, you could bring your supplies to paint or draw if that takes your fancy!

This park features a 32-acre lake, walking trails, day-use areas, and campgrounds, as well as a visitor center equipped with lecture rooms, exhibition halls, workshops, and botanical libraries – it is the youngest and largest botanical garden owned and operated by the Honolulu city government and serves as an oasis for tropical rainforest plants from major tropical regions around the world grouped into distinct collections that put particular focus on conserving Hawaii-native species.

Art Gallery

Hoomaluhia means “to cause or give peace,” and that’s precisely what this garden represents. A rainforest garden features plantings from major tropical regions organized into distinct collections – Philippines, Malaysia, Tropical America, India & Sri Lanka, Melanesia, Hawaii, Polynesia, and Africa. Hoomaluhia features a 32-acre lake with walking trails, a day-use area, campgrounds, and a visitor center offering a lecture room, exhibition hall, and workshop botanical library facilities.

The botanical garden in Kaneohe is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with free admission; it serves as the last stop on Shaka Guide’s East Oahu Shoreline Drive route.

Multiple parking areas within the gardens and picnic benches throughout the property exist. Weekends and holidays tend to bring crowds, so for an uncrowded experience, we suggest visiting during the week.

As you stroll the park, look for the small art gallery inside the visitor center. There are pieces from local artists displayed here. Additionally, on Tuesdays, there is an art class where participants can draw and paint beautiful scenery.

Once past Hoomaluhia’s gated entrance, you enter an oasis of peace – only the sound of trees rustling in the wind or birds singing makes this oasis ideal for escaping city life and finding solace from everyday stressors.

Once past the gated entrance, a narrow pathway leads to three benches offering breathtaking mountain views – making this a trendy photo spot! Unfortunately, taking pictures here without getting told off by guards may prove challenging; their no-stopping rule prevents people from blocking traffic when trying to take that perfect shot! Nonetheless, park in the parking lot and enjoy your visit!

Picnic Areas

Make sure to visit Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden’s picnic areas when visiting. Here, visitors can relax while admiring views of the Koolau mountain range and enjoy views from their seats in these serene areas. Trails also provide access to different locations within the garden; make sure you bring along food for an afternoon picnic lunch if you plan on spending the day here!

Ho’omaluhia Park has long been beloved due to its stunning natural scenery. The garden road that winds through lush green grass and towering trees has become an Instagram hit, prompting many people to post images from Ho’omaluhia on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Unfortunately, over-tourism has caused significant issues at Ho’omaluhia, leading officials to seek ways to improve things for visitors and parkgoers alike.

The botanical garden boasts an immense collection of tropical plants from around the globe, ranging from orchids to rare flowers. Spanning 400 acres, there’s also a lake and hiking trails – ideal for an entire day or even staying overnight! Additionally, camping facilities and other amenities make this visit memorable.

Entrance to the park is free; however, there is a guard shack located outside that keeps an eye out on vehicles and visitors entering the gardens. We suggest stopping there to pick up a map and visitor guide; these tools will assist with navigation of the park and information about various species found within.

The park is open daily from 9 am-4 pm; to avoid crowds, arriving early is best. Bring a picnic or visit the on-site restaurant; there is also a gift shop and visitor center with souvenirs available for sale. Rent bikes at the park or stroll through its grounds – or try bamboo pole fishing at its 32-acre reservoir on weekends from the visitor center using bamboo rods with barbless hooks provided free-of-charge by them on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Hiking Trail

Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden offers one main hiking trail that begins near its visitor center, offering an accessible yet rewarding way to see all the different plants found within. You will circle a lake as you follow this easy hike. Those seeking an equally challenging challenge may want to check out one of several mountain biking trails in this park.

Hoomaluhia’s botanical garden should be visited during spring or fall when temperatures are warm and dry; its vibrant gardens will be at their most dynamic, with flowers in full bloom and animated displays of color. As the weather in Hawaii can often be unpredictable, check your forecast before setting out on an excursion.

Hoomaluhia Gardens epitomize the concept of peaceful refuge. When driving through its grand palm-lined entrance and viewing the Koolau mountain range towering over 400 acres of lushness, it is impossible not to feel serene and at peace.

As well as botanical gardens, this park also features a stunning lake reservoir with numerous walking paths connecting different areas of its grounds. You could easily spend an entire day strolling through these lovely gardens while taking in all their scenery; opening hours are from 9 am to 4 pm, and admission is free!

At the park, there are various activities you can engage in while visiting, including catch-and-release fishing on weekends in Lake Reservoir. Picnic areas can be reserved, as well as camping permits (that should become your next life goal!). Plus, camping is permitted available (new life goals right there!).

Oahu’s botanical gardens are one of the must-do activities when visiting Oahu, as their beauty will leave any visitor speechless. You may even spot local birds!

Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens offer the ideal setting for relaxation and relief from everyday pressures. As Oahu’s most beautiful attraction, these gardens should be part of your itinerary when traveling there next.