How to Earn Interest on My Crypto


If you are considering earning interest in your crypto, you may want to consider these platforms. You will need to do some research before choosing the one you think is best. You must also consider the risks of putting all your crypto on one platform. Several other options are also available, so it is important to weigh them all carefully.


Aqru is a platform that allows you to earn interest on various digital currencies. You can either deposit with a debit or credit card or transfer a crypto asset directly from your private wallet. You will earn interest on those deposits by using Aqru to deposit your crypto assets.

AQRU has a convenient interface that makes it easy to deposit and withdraw your funds. There are no crypto exchanges or fees to worry about, and there is no need to be a crypto expert in investing in this platform. Another benefit of AQRU is that it doesn’t lock you into any particular crypto. In addition to the ease of use, it offers prompt customer support via live chat and email. Additionally, AQRU has extensive FAQs that are useful for those looking for more information on the platform.


If you’re wondering how to earn interest on crypto, you’ve come to the right place. BlockFi, a financial company focused on digital assets, offers a high yield on Bitcoin deposits. With a minimum deposit of only 0.001 BTC, you can earn as much as $400 monthly in interest. If you deposit more than that, your rate drops to 1%.

BlockFi is a great place to start, especially for new crypto investors. BlockFi is a cryptocurrency investment platform that connects to your bank account and lets you purchase crypto with cash. The company also offers interest in different cryptocurrencies. However, you should note that BlockFi takes a cut of the interest you earn.


Cryptocurrency offers an exciting option for people looking to earn interest on their investments. Its interest rates are competitive with other financial instruments and can grow over time. This is due to compounding interest, which means that money will continue to grow as time goes by. Crypto is also a good option for high-net-worth investors compared to traditional investment vehicles. It offers a 10% annual return on deposits, making it a good option for growing wealth and diversifying your portfolio.

Many platforms offer interest-bearing accounts for various cryptocurrencies. The interest rate depends on the type of cryptocurrency you hold. However, there are also decentralized applications based on Ethereum, allowing you to earn interest on your cryptocurrency without creating an account.


CoinLoan is an online banking service that allows you to earn interest on your crypto. CoinLoan accepts both fiat and crypto assets and currently supports over 20 assets. It pays up to 7.2% APY on deposits, higher than a high-interest savings account. You can also trade your crypto with other CoinLoan users to earn more interest.

To sign up for CoinLoan, you must complete their KYC process by uploading a government-issued ID and taking a selfie with it. After you are verified, you can begin earning interest. CoinLoan does not charge fees for deposits or withdrawals and claims never to lock your funds. CoinLoan does not require you to use a wallet to store your crypto, and you don’t need to spend any time staking to earn interest on your crypto. Interest is paid monthly, and you can choose to withdraw your crypto with fiat.


Hodlnaut is an online exchange for cryptocurrencies that allows users to earn interest on their assets. The interest rate varies depending on market conditions and asset type, but the highest yield on the exchange is 7.25%. The interest rates change monthly, and the amount you can earn will depend on your account balance. If you hold more than a few hundred dollars of crypto, you’ll be able to earn more interest than if you deposit less.

With the high-interest rate and low deposit requirements, Hodlnaut is an excellent option for those who want to earn interest on their crypto. Hodlnaut users can earn up to 7.25% APY on USDT while earning between four and six percent for other crypto assets. Users can deposit funds into their interest account on Hodlnaut using mobile devices. To get started, you must first create an account with Hodlnaut. The application is free and easy to install on any mobile device.


OKX is an online exchange that lets you purchase, save and earn cryptocurrency. It supports multiple payment methods and offers high savings and staking yields. OKX also has a variety of services that will help you manage your cryptocurrency. You can manage all your account information from one place, making managing your cryptocurrency account even more accessible.

OKX is based in Seychelles but is available to users around the world. If you are a foreign user, registering on OKX is similar to opening an account with any other online exchange. To open an account, enter your personal contact information. You will then be asked to complete KYC requirements. You can choose between Level One KYC-verified accounts that require a small amount of personal information, Level Two KYC-verified accounts, and Level Three KYC-verified accounts that require uploading a photo of your ID or selfie.

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