How to Find Legit TGV Mini Trikes Retailers


Numerous fraudulent online stores sell Predator Trike – TGV Mini trikes at highly discounted prices. They use misleading product images or other tricks to mislead unaware customers into purchasing them at these inflated rates. Find the Cheap Mini trikes for sale.

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1. TGV Shop

An official TGV Shop should sell items at reasonable prices with quality customer service and consider other factors when purchasing. Some such factors include:

Operated by SNCF, France’s national railway company, high-speed TGVs (Trains a Grande Vitesse) have revolutionized long-distance travel. Traveling at speeds up to 350 km per hour allows travelers to quickly reach faraway destinations that once required overnight journeys in just several hours.

TGV Duplex trains featuring second and third-generation Dasye & Euroduplex interiors operate internationally between Paris, Nice, Lyon, Frankfurt, Marseille, and Barcelona. They’re gradually updated with grey, silver & red TGV colors.

TGV Oceane is a brand-new train entering service in 2017. Its signature innovation is that 1st class seats rotate to face either direction of travel, making a bay of 2 or 4 face-to-face seats, or in either case facing away from each other to create face-to-face bay seating, and they feature power sockets for laptops/mobile phones as well as USB ports in every compartment.

2. TGV Cycles

France’s National Railway Corporation, or SNCF, allows bikes folded or packed in cases up to 130 cm x 90 cm as luggage on TGV trains without incurring fees and reservations fees; some TGV and Intercity services even reserve spaces for assembled bikes at no additional cost; these must be booked individually with fees between 5EUR-10EUR charged per seat/bed booked separately.

TER regional trains and Ouigo services accept assembled bikes; however, recumbents, tandems, tricycles, and bike trailers are prohibited. A semi-dismantled motorcycle may also be carried for PS55 each way in a zip-up bag no larger than 120cm x 90cm; to take this route, however, handlebars must be disassembled, pedals dismounted, wheels taken off for packing into bags before shipping off your journey.

3. TGV Bikes

If you plan on traveling with an assembled bike, please book its space in advance and pay a fee (currently EUR5) online or at one of TER’s station ticket kiosks.

French national railway operator SNCF has one of the more complex policies for transporting bikes across Europe. Although some TGV services allow bikes onboard, most regional trains (TERs) usually accommodate six fully assembled bikes in their luggage van, costing PS10 each; look out for a bike symbol when checking train timetables.

Newer TGV Duplex sets like Oceane are available in grey, silver, and red colors and feature 1st class seats that rotate to face the direction of travel or can be set as club duo or club quatre configurations with power sockets for each seat in 1st class and rows of solo/duo seats in 2nd class bays.

4. TGV Performance

TGV trains are a smart option for long-distance travel in France. Their capacity allows them to transport more luggage and passengers than any other train service; label all your bags properly to avoid theft or loss! You may opt for seats near windows to enjoy stunning scenic views during your journey. Most TGVs feature onboard air conditioning, restrooms, and baby-changing facilities; many even provide air conditioning as standard!

The TGV has never had a fatal accident while running at high speed on regular passenger service, owing to its rigid design, which helps safeguard against terrorist attacks.

TGVs are designed as bi-current trains, meaning they can run on either 25 kV AC or the lower 1.5 kV DC supply used by lignes classiques south of Paris. As you travel between areas with different voltage levels, your driver must switch the power systems accordingly and adjust pantographs as necessary.

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