How to Learn Tantra Vidya


Tantra has a very negative image in the society. But like most things, it has both good and bad sides. To learn tantra vidya, you have to start by teaching scriptures, doing swadhya, and slowly, over the years, curbing passions, not wanting name, fame, or wealth.

It would be best if you also had a desire to be guided by DEVI herself. She will choose your Guru.

1. Have complete faith in your Guru

When you want to learn tantra vidya, the first thing that you must have is complete faith in your Guru. This is the most important thing because, without it, you will never be able to progress in your learning. The guru-shishya connection is a divine relationship, and it is a lifelong commitment that can’t be broken.

You must be willing to follow your guru’s instructions and listen to his teachings carefully. He is the person who will guide you on your path and protect you from evil powers. He will also be able to teach you various mantras and practices for protection and prosperity. He will also help you to get shat karma free by cleansing your aura. This is because he will be able to see your positive and negative energies in the atmosphere.

It is essential to have complete trust in your guru, even if their actions or conduct don’t sit well with you. This is because the guru-shishya relationship is divine, and they have a responsibility to uphold the spirituality of their disciples. It would help if you did not judge them based on their appearance or the things that they do because it is their right to have a personal life.

Having faith in your Guru is also essential because it will enable you to receive his grace and blessings. He will be able to grant you siddhis and powers that will help you in your spiritual growth. He will also give you a clear understanding of the Shastras and Vedanta. He will also guide you in your daily life, helping you to become a better person. He will also take care of your physical and mental health.

2. Have sounded mind and body

The mind should be sound; as a spiritual meditator or tantrika, your mind and body must be free from any negativity. This will allow you to receive the divine energy that is needed to learn tantra vidya. The practice will also help you to release any unresolved trauma that may be stored in the chakras and to become fully present with your experience of life.

When you learn Tantra Vidya, you will develop an ability to transfer energy through your breath and mantra. Each mantra holds a specific type of energy. For example, there is a particular mantra for snake bites, and when you repeat it, your body will be charged with the powers of that special mantra. You can use this energy to heal yourself or others.

Tantra Vidya contains techniques to expand, raise, and liberate human consciousness, along with mathematics, astronomy, healing practices, and art of the highest caliber. While the most common association with Tantra is sexual rituals, these are only one small aspect of this vast tradition.

If you are interested in learning tantra vidya, it is essential to find a reliable teacher. It can be challenging to find someone who understands the complex nature of this knowledge, but if you keep searching for a teacher, eventually, you will find one. Patience is critical, and if you are destined to learn Tantra, it will come into your life at the right time. It’s important to remember that Tantra is a path of self-realization, not just a collection of tricks and techniques. To really gain the full benefits of this ancient knowledge, it is necessary to immerse yourself in it completely.

3. Have strong imagination power in 4D

Having strong imagination power is very important in learning tantra vidya. It allows you to visualize things that may not be possible in the real world. It also helps you understand the metaphysical powers of different supernatural forces. It’s also necessary to understand the relativity of Time with space and its unseen world.

Imagination is a powerful tool in life, but it can be dangerous when misused. Often, people with powerful imaginations become obsessed with their fantasies, which can lead to depression and anxiety. In Tantra, you can use the power of your imagination to create positive changes in your life. However, you should remember that your imagination must be backed up with action in order to be effective.

It is a challenging task to learn the secrets of tantra vidya without having the proper guidance. You should always seek out a noble guru who can teach you about the secrets of tantra vidya. This is because Tantra Vidya has a bad reputation, and it’s easy to misuse its powers if you don’t have the proper knowledge to unlock it.

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4. Have a good command of English or Hindi

The first eligibility requirement for learning tantra vidya is to have complete faith in your Guru and keep following him. You also need to have a sound mind and body. This will allow you to perform the rituals and healthily cast spells. In addition, you should be able to understand the meanings of the mantras and symbols used in tantra. You should be able to read and write in English or Hindi. If you do not have a good command of these languages, then it may be difficult to learn tantra vidya.

Another eligibility requirement for learning tantra vidya includes having a desire to be guided. This means that you must be willing to put in the time and effort required for learning this metaphysical science. It is important to remember that this knowledge is a form of spirituality and should be treated with the same respect as any other religious practice. It is also essential to be patient, as it will take some time before you receive the guidance you need.

There are many ways to learn tantra vidya, but not all of them are equally effective. It is essential to find a qualified teacher who can guide you through the process. In addition, you should be willing to put in the work needed to achieve results. This can be a long and frustrating process, but it will be worth it in the end. The benefits of tantra vidya include improved concentration, confidence, and limitless joy. Ultimately, this will lead to self-realization. In addition, you will gain the power to control your emotions and manifest anything that you want in life.

5. Have a desire to be guided

If you want to learn tantra vidya, then you need to have a desire to be guided by your guru. This desire will lead you to the right path in your spiritual journey. Many people do not have this desire to be taught and end up going in the wrong direction. The way of tantra vidya is not easy and requires devotion to the guru and a lot of effort. The desire to be guided will also help you understand the subtleties of the system and the deeper meanings behind the rituals.

There are many ways to learn tantra vidya, but you should never forget that it is not like a game of bridge, which anyone can easily understand. It is a complex science, and you need to be entirely dedicated to your guru. Shiv nailed Tantra for ordinary people before Kaliyug, saying that the people would misuse it. Only the people who are correctly guided by their guru can unlock its secrets.

You should also have a deep desire to be free of the karmas of samsara. It will take years of practice and hard work to get rid of the karmas. Then, only you will be able to use your powers for good. It would be best if you also were utterly dedicated to your guru and did not care about what people think of you or what you do. It would help if you were selfless and willing to give up everything in order to serve your guru.

In addition to the requirements mentioned above, you should also have a proper knowledge of the history of Hindu tantra. You should be familiar with the different mantras, yantras, and shatkarmas that are used for various purposes. This knowledge will help you in understanding the deeper meaning of the rituals and the power behind them.