How to Reach Sundarban National Park


Are You an Environmental Lovers Looking to Spot Bengal Tigers in their Natural Habitat? Sundarban may be just the place for you. But how Can I Reach This Heritage Spot?

Though you can travel by airways, trains, or roads to reach the Sundarbans, the best way is via boat.


If you prefer traveling by air, Sundarban can be reached quickly and conveniently through Kolkata International Airport, which has many domestic and international flights. Once at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport, you can catch either a taxi or bus ride directly to Sundarban. Although booking a tour package that includes airfare may be more costly, it offers greater peace of mind.

Traveling by train to Sundarban can also be done. Numerous trains travel between Kolkata and Canning – the closest station to Sundarban – and it takes between 1.5-2 hours to complete this trip. If traveling this route is of interest, be sure to book tickets ahead of time in order to avoid unnecessary delays and secure yourself a seat!

An outing to Sundarban from Kolkata is an unforgettable way to discover the magnificence of nature’s forest beauty, making for a delightful tour with family or friends and stimulating your passion for wildlife. Home to Bengal tigers, kingfisher birds, quill pens, and Caspian terns, among many other animals and birds; plus, you can visit a historic Shiva temple and its four-century-old water tower!

If you want an enjoyable trip to Sundarbans, book a tour package from a reliable travel agency. Such packages provide all of the necessities to ensure a good and safe journey, such as food and accommodation – plus they often include free pick-up from either the airport or the hotel!

Howrah to Sundarbans is approximately 100 kilometers; however, travel may take up to four hours longer by road versus car. Road trips can be tiring but rewarding in seeing Sundarbans for all its beauty! No matter which mode of transport is used when visiting this region. Be sure to abide by all laws and regulations of Sundarbans during your journey!


Sundarban National Park is a world-famous wildlife sanctuary, drawing tourists from across India and beyond. There are various modes of transport available to reach it, including airplane, train, bus, and taxi services; select one that best fits your budget and preferences for optimal experience once in the park. Once there, it is essential to abide by all rules and regulations so as to preserve wildlife or ecosystems.

At present, the train is by far the simplest way to access Sundarban. Trains departing Kolkata stop in various places in the delta, such as Sonkhali and Canning, making this a convenient method. From these entry points, it is also possible to take a boat that will bring you directly into the Sundarban forest, but be warned: during peak tourist seasons, these waterways become very busy indeed!

Fly to Kolkata’s Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport for another option for reaching Sundarbans; regular flights departing this airport connect cities throughout India and internationally with Sundarbans; this distance between October and March is ideal.

Book a private car or taxi from Kolkata to reach the Sundarbans for an alternative, more comfortable, and cost-effective travel option. However, these may become prohibitively costly when traveling in large groups; many companies provide one-way and round-trip packages so you can choose what best fits your travel plans.

Bus travel to Sundarbans can begin from Sealdah or Howrah; buses to Canning depart every hour. Once at Canning, busses or autos will transport you directly to Sonkhali, Gosaba, or Raidhigi; alternatively, Dhamakhali provides access to the core of the Sundarban jungle; there are ferry services between these islands and the central park, as well as plenty of opportunities to admire beautiful scenes as you spot wildlife up close!


The Sundarbans is one of the world’s pristine forests and an absolute must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to several species of wildlife, such as Bengal Tigers and mangrove forests along freshwater rivers, not forgetting birdwatchers who come here specifically looking for Marsh Harriers, King Vultures, or Red Kites!

Howrah Bus Terminus provides direct service from Howrah, with direct routes leading directly to Sundarbans. In addition, Howrah offers luggage storage and car rental facilities at this station for added convenience.

Sealdah railway station, which serves as a significant hub, can help visitors access Sundarbans. From Sealdah, Canning station is within reach, and local trains will transport visitors directly to Godkhali Park entrance; once at Godkhali, you may use either private taxis or public transport for onward travel.

When traveling from Kolkata to Sundarbans, it is wise to plan your journey and book tickets early to ensure a smooth travel experience and secure discounts and special offers when purchasing online tickets.

Arriving in the Sundarbans can be a remarkable experience, and once there, exploring its lush forests by boat is a beautiful opportunity. Most tour operators provide ships as part of their packages; most come equipped with clean toilets and comfortable seating, as well as guided rides that offer insights into local flora and fauna.

The Sundarbans is one of the world’s most celebrated national parks and draws tourists from all around the world. Renowned for its unique wildlife and sightseeing spots, as well as an ideal climate, and home to various species of fish and birds, its immense biodiversity draws in visitors year-round.


Sundarbans, located in the delta between the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers in India’s Sundarbans mangrove forest, is home to many wild animals. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it attracts many tourists as well as locals and nature enthusiasts. Boat tours provide visitors with an ideal way to view this natural marvel as you get up close with its inhabitants in their natural environments and have more direct contact with its waters than by walking alone.

Numerous companies provide tours of the Sundarbans aboard boats specifically designed for wildlife viewing and comfort, such as traditional wooden and motorized vessels, as well as houseboats for an elevated experience. Most tour operators also provide guides that can teach about its flora and fauna as you take day trips or one-day excursions through these enchanting areas.

Bus travel from Kolkata is by far the most accessible and most straightforward option when visiting Sundarbans, although no direct services exist from Esplanade or Howrah directly to Sundarbans. Instead, buses stop near Sonakhali, Namkhana Canning Raidhigi, and Najat, depending on your preference, and can drop you off now at these areas of the forest.

Apart from the bus, Kolkata residents can also reach Sundarbans by train from Sealdah station in one and a half hours via Godhkhali trains, which go directly to Godhkhali Jetty, where your journey can start.

Hired cars or taxis offer another means of reaching Sundarbans from Kolkata. These options provide much greater comfort and convenience, especially if traveling with family or friends; however, this may prove costly.

If time is of the essence, road travel may be your best bet; not only is it more cost-effective than sea travel, but booking transportation through a dependable agency will guarantee an easy journey and provide peace of mind.