Ibis Paint X Tutorial – How to Make Outlines


outlines in ibis paint x

Ibis paint X has a new feature that lets you easily create outlines in your pictures. This feature is available as a free download from Google Play. Creating an outline is as simple as using the bucket tool and pressing the image multiple times. Once the top layer of the image is visible, the outline will appear. In addition, you can add an additional layer between the background and the picture. Then, you can choose the filter and choose’refer to upper layer’. Afterward, you can adjust the size of the outline to suit your needs.

making outlines in ibis paint x

If you are looking for an easy way to make outlines, you should try using the Ibis Paint X app. This app has a friendly user interface and a step-by-step teacher who explains the process. To make an outline, import a transparent and duplicate the layer. To color over the transparent, turn on the alpha lock.

This app offers a large variety of drawing features, including more than 380 brushes, over two hundred materials, and hundreds of fonts. You can also use filters, opacity, and live recording to make your drawing more effective. In addition, the app is compatible with iOS and Android systems.

ibis Paint X is an excellent drawing app for Android. Its powerful brush set and customizable tools make it comparable with great drawing software on a PC. It comes with 142 types of brushes, including airbrushes and oil brushes. You can customize the brushes to suit your preferences.