Lingose Game ID


Lingose Game ID serves as your passport into Web3 gaming, connecting all meta accounts so they can interoperate seamlessly while building on-chain user credentials.

Lingose platform is a social gaming and rewards platform with various games and rewards available. Earn money by completing tasks or winning tournaments!

Game ID

The Lingose Game ID is a blockchain-based platform that offers users a social identity passport to track their gaming achievements. Furthermore, this bridge connects games and users and promises to revolutionize virtual economies by giving gamers new avenues for earning income through gaming.

Game Fi is an Ethereum blockchain-powered platform that uses blockchain technology to track user behaviors on-chain and provide scoring as they engage in Web3 protocols and games. Furthermore, Game Fi provides users with access to a decentralized marketplace where they can exchange Game Fi tokens for real money – providing greater ownership over user data as well as greater rights for its owners.

Game Fi’s ecosystem comprises five modules that maximize user value: ID System, User Behavior Capture System, EXP System, POP System, and Reputation System. Players will use each system to build their Web3 identity brand and gain control of their data. Furthermore, its token economic model encourages greater participation by rewarding LGT rewards directly while contributing a portion of tokens back to community treasuries – as part of this way of making network effects even stronger!


Lingose Game is an innovative blockchain project that has proven itself as one of the best-performing assets in gaming. It provides Web3 gamers with a universal ID that tracks their accomplishments across different games and platforms – making this investment worthy of consideration in cryptocurrency gaming.

This project aims to develop an innovative identity system combining ERC-721 with smart contract technology and creating a universal Game ID protocol secured with intelligent contracts that award credentials on a chain based on user behaviors and scores as they interact with games or Web3 protocols.

Users can earn badges through game playing on the platform and redeem them for cash, with this system also permitting badge transfer between games.

Start by registering on the Lingose website, selecting Connect Wallet, and choosing from a list of decentralized cryptocurrency wallets such as MetaMask, TokenPocket, OKX, Klatyn, or Polygon from which to connect your wallet. After joining, the system will ask you to sign a request using MetaMask; click Sign to complete this process step.


Lingose, a GameFi infrastructure project, has made waves within the gaming community. Its coin, Lingose, can be used to play games and earn real money, while its blockchain technology ensures security and ease of use.

Smart contracts used for its universal Game ID protocol enable intelligent contracts to award on-chain credentials that track users across Web3 protocols and games, tracking users’ behavior. Users can then use these credentials to build online resumes and gain more recognition for their achievements, giving rise to a personalized web3 identity that’s all their own.

Start today by creating an account with Lingose! After selecting their preferred signup method, such as Twitter or Discord, users need to connect their decentralized crypto wallets with Lingose accounts to be eligible to participate in campaigns such as AMAs, airdrops, whitelist giveaway events, and community NFT giveaways. Gleam tasks also give out USDT tokens.

Reputation System

Investing in Lingose gives you access to a platform that allows you to play real gaming for real money. This platform features a gaming passport that tracks users’ achievements across various games; furthermore, money can also be earned by completing specific tasks or winning tournaments.

To start playing on Lingose, visit their ID section. Here, you have two sign-in options – Twitter or Discord – plus you need to link your decentralized crypto wallet. Afterward, choose a game and start playing!

GameFi ID protocol analyzes user behaviors to create an on-chain resume for them and creates a system to reward players and incentivize participation. In addition, this system features EXPs, POPs (Proof of Play), and reputation systems, helping developers integrate new games with the Lingose Gamefi ecosystem. Furthermore, this protocol may offer campaigns providing LGT rewards to users.