Lock Stock and Barrel 21 Year Old Rye Whiskey


Cooper Spirits’ Lock Stock & Barrel series of exquisite high-aged whiskeys continues to impress, with this straight rye being double distilled and aged for 21 years, producing a robust spirit bottled at 111 proof and sure to satisfy whiskey lovers alike.

Patiently aged for over two decades, this premium rye whiskey offers a smooth finish with lasting appeal. It is an ageless masterpiece worthy of any collection.

Aged in New American Oak Barrels

Lock Stock & Barrel from The Cooper Spirits Company offers extraordinary high-aged whiskies. This 21-year-old straight rye whiskey was aged for two decades in charred American oak barrels before it was bottled at the robust proof for optimal enjoyment by spirits connoisseurs, boasting an exceptionally smooth finish that leaves a long-lasting impression. Crafted using rare stocks from their library with 100% rye grain in its mashbill. It is currently the oldest available on the market and was awarded two consecutive Double Gold awards from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition!

Lock Stock & Barrel 21 was produced using 100% rye grain in copper pots using a double distillation process and placed into new charred American oak barrels to age in a cool climate for 21 years, producing an intense rye whiskey with flavors such as baked date cake, treacle toffee, and orange peel. Bottled at a fierce 111 proof, it comes packaged in black opaque bottles that protect it from light exposure.

Aged whiskey requires an intensive aging process in which oxygen is slowly instilled into it via charred oak wood to impart its signature rich, smooth, and flavorful profile. Charring also caramelizes surface layers of wood, which gives an aromatic note to the finished whiskey product. In addition, this process reduces harsher alcohol elements while improving the balance between the acidity and the natural sweetness of the finished whiskey product.

Lock Stock & Barrel 21 has an extended aging time compared to non-aged rye whiskey, creating an exceptionally smooth and elegant whisky with complex notes of molasses, cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla that make an exquisite sipper or mixer experience. A limited edition is at select retailers for $500.

Double Distilled

An exclusive 100% rye grain mashbill, double distilled in copper pots and then aged for 21 years, makes up this unfiltered whiskey, which boasts the oldest and most flavorful straight rye currently on the market. Part of The Cooper Spirits Company’s Lock Stock & Barrel series.

Unfiltered and high-proof whiskey was recently recognized with two gold awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition – making it their latest flagship addition. Also part of their collection are 13-year, 16-year, and 20-year-aged rye whiskies.

This unfiltered rye whiskey is handcrafted using an exclusive 100% rye grain mashbill in copper pots before being barreled and aged for 21 years in new, charred oak barrels – producing an intense yet balanced straight rye featuring notes of warm spiced date cake, treacle toffee, and orange peel. Bottled at 111 proof and part of The Cooper Spirits Company’s Lock Stock and Barrel Series, an independently produced portfolio of extraordinary high-aged whiskies and proprietary vatted blends

Aged in Wood

Lock Stock and Barrel series of extraordinary high-aged rye whiskeys has released the fifth release in their exceptional 21-year straight rye series: 21 Year Straight Rye is made by distillation using copper pot stills with 100% rye grain mash bill after selecting robust cut. After aging in new oak barrels charred (3.5 Char) but not toasted (1.1 Char) over 21 Years for cold storage climate conditions, it is bottled at 111 proof to produce a profoundly intense yet harmonious straight rye whiskey with notes that suggest warm spiced date cake, treacle toffee, and orange peel flavors.

No bourbon or rye has been aged for longer than 20 years for a good reason: longer aging gives whiskey more chance to fight off unwanted effects like over-making (which explains why many high-end whiskeys stop at 13-16 years old).

Due to a combination of cold weather, 3.5 char, and no toasting, we’re fortunate that this expression manages to avoid over-oaking pitfalls. As such, it makes for a delightful and highly well-rounded whisky suitable for sipping neat or mixing into cocktails.

Cooper Spirits uses Alberta Distillers Ltd barrels purchased by Robert J. Cooper himself years ago for their whiskey production; these barrels were utilized for Lock Stock and Barrel 13- and 16-year releases as well as their Double Gold-winning 18-year variant.

So it should come as no surprise that Lock Stock and Barrel 21-Year Rye has also been created from premium Canadian rye. Bottled at high proof (111), this stunning black bottle comes housed within a wooden box that has been charred using the Japanese Sugi Ban process and ships direct from Canada. Furthermore, production for this release is limited to only 3,000 bottles!

Bottled at 111 Proof

Lock Stock & Barrel Series’ fifth entry is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most flavorful straight rye whiskeys currently on the market. Distilled twice using copper pot stills from an extremely rare 100 percent rye grain mashbill and aged for 21 years in new, charred oak barrels, this whiskey offers an exceptional mix of robust, spicy aromas that is sure to please any Spirits connoisseur.

This whiskey was bottled at 111 proof, giving it plenty of kick without becoming overwhelming. You’ll taste heat and smokiness from oak while enjoying citrus, peppercorn, and fruit notes, as well as plenty of that trademark spice characteristic of rye whiskeys.

Like its other expressions in this series, Lock Stock and Barrel 21 is available in limited quantities – with only 1,200 bottles being released. While pricey at $500 each bottle may seem steep for those looking to add exceptional aged rye whisky to their collection; this could well be worth your while – you can purchase Lock Stock and Barrel 21 bottles from select retailers nationwide.