Men’s Wearhouse Joe Custom Suit Review


Men’s Wearhouse Joe custom is an exciting new offering at Men’s Wearhouse stores that seeks to target a younger demographic searching for something stylish yet distinct.

Tailored Brands own Jos. A. Bank and Men’s Wearhouse; however, their brands could not be further apart regarding culture.

What to Expect

Although it can be hard to know if Men’s Wearhouse or Jos. A. Bank will have precisely the quality suit you desire, they both provide great deals and a selection of suits, dress pants, and dress shirts from different companies.

An exceptional suit is built to last and designed to enhance a man’s best features so it looks spectacular. These suits typically feature soft shoulders, rolled lapels, and silhouettes that trace the body without hugging it tightly. Their luxurious fabric drapes well across the body while standing up well to demanding wear and tear.

One way to assess the quality of a suit is by inspecting its lining, stitching, and button holes. Another quality indicator would be the type of fabric used; high-end suits typically utilize 100% wool, while those made by poor manufacturers tend to use polyester or polyester blend fabrics instead.

Customization Options

Men’s Wearhouse, a subsidiary of Tailored Brands, is the nation’s leading specialty retailer and suit rental provider, boasting more than 630 locations nationwide. Renowned for their quality tailoring, custom suits, and designer clothing and accessories, Men’s Wearhouse specializes in tailoring services and offers quality custom-tailoring options for their customers.

Men’s Wearhouse Joe program aims to shed its previous reputation of offering subpar suits sold by pushy sales weasels for old men. Instead, they are currently working on revitalizing the company by courting millennials and offering high-quality customized options.

Joseph Abboud and AWEARNESS Kenneth Cole custom suiting is offered alongside JOE, an affordable entry into tailor-made suiting starting at $399. Additionally, JOE also provides accessories like shirts, ties, and pocket squares to complete any suit look – and is all made here in America with customization options such as performance fabrics and interior linings and unique features such as cuff hems and lapel stitching for customization purposes.

Delivery Time

Men’s Wearhouse has long tried to shed its image as an institution that sells inferior suits at exorbitant prices to old guys, sold by sales weasels with frowning frowns and pressure tactics. Their most significant breakthrough has to be Joseph Abboud’s half-canvassed suits made in America that feature modern slim fits.

Men’s Wearhouse may be expensive, but it could be well worth your while if you want a custom suit that will stand the test of time and continue looking great for years. Plus, they provide accessories like shirts, ties, and pocket squares to complete your look!

Men’s Wearhouse began offering Joe Joseph Abboud suits, sports coats, and pants a year ago after purchasing the company in July 2013. Additionally, dress shirts will soon join its collection alongside an emergency survival suit made of stretchy stain-repellent fabric, which could prove essential in an emergency. Men’s Wearhouse also recently launched 16 Guideshops nationwide where customers can meet personally with stylists before ordering online for delivery.

Final Words

Men’s Wearhouse has long sought to change its image as an outlet that sells subpar suits for old men sold by aggressive salespeople, and the company seems to be succeeding – especially with Joseph Abboud’s Made in USA half canvassed slimmer fitting line.

Influencers who participated in the tour could watch Joseph Abboud and Tony Sapienza, President of Joseph Abboud Manufacturing Corporation, demonstrate how suits are created at their New Bedford factory. Master tailor Salvatore Mellace fitted each influencer before Abboud signed each case himself – placing his signature inside each garment for approval.

Jos. A. Bank stands out from other clothing brands by producing its exclusive designs instead of selling garments made by different designers, giving it greater control over the quality of the product while helping ensure that something won’t fit or look right for each customer.