Northport High School Counseling Center


A school counselor acts as a developmental specialist dedicated to the student’s academic, career, and personal/social growth through classroom guidance, consultation, and peer programs.

Counselors provide crucial support during transitions from elementary to middle and middle to high school and may coordinate with outside specialists or therapists for students struggling with anxiety-related conditions.

Counseling services

Northport High School Counseling Center offers students various services designed to aid in both academic success and personal growth. Working closely with teachers, students, and families, the counseling center aims to instill lifelong skills that will help their future endeavors.

Counselors also assist students who are experiencing emotional or psychological challenges, offering resources and providing referrals as necessary. Furthermore, peer-to-peer programs give students an opportunity to express themselves freely with peers in an open setting.

Counselors also work closely with students to help ensure they remain on track for graduation, identify growth opportunities, address any behavioral or discipline issues, and work collaboratively with teachers and administrators to develop behavioral plans for those students who present problems.

School counselors play an active role in course selection for entering ninth graders. Parents are invited to evening parent meetings at middle schools, an incoming ninth-grade parent orientation night, and four-year planning meetings held by high schools to explain graduation requirements and assist their children with selecting courses.

Academic support

Northport High School school counselors provide a range of services designed to help their students thrive academically. Working closely with teachers and parents, they offer support for each student as they pursue college applications or scholarship opportunities; additionally, they host workshops and resources designed to prepare them for standardized tests such as the SAT/ACT.

The Counseling Center also provides support for students experiencing mental health issues. Their programs help build resilience and develop positive coping skills, while peer counselors offer peer counseling sessions as a sense of community support.

Northport High School boasts an outstanding academic program and numerous extracurricular activities beyond this, such as its trivia team; Students Helping and Relating to Each Other (SHARE), the Port Press; Ultimate Intramurals; New York City/foreign language clubs, DECA Wilderness/Fashion Clubs and Model United Nations are just a few examples.

NHS is located on School Street in Northport, New York, with an 11:1 student-teacher ratio. As part of the Northport-East Northport Union Free School District and serving students from Northport, Eatons Neck, and East Northport – NHS offers several International Baccalaureate programs as well as two National Academy programs and boasts athletic teams known as “Tigers.” Furthermore, this high school also features Northport Arts Academy, an arts magnet program.

Counseling for mental health issues

Northport High School Counseling Center serves as an essential resource for students coping with emotional and mental health issues, offering counseling sessions, resources, and workshops. Their counselors collaborate closely with teachers and community organizations to ensure students can access necessary support services; additionally, they consult parents/guardians on topics including academic success and college planning.

Students can receive assistance preparing for standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, as well as with college application processes like essay writing and letter-of-recommendation collection. Scholarship and financial aid opportunities may also be available.

Counselors offer guidance in creating healthy relationships and managing stress effectively. They can assist students in exploring their interests and building strong self-esteem. Moreover, counselors provide invaluable assistance as students transition into adulthood by helping them find jobs and make informed decisions regarding their futures.

As well as academic services, the counseling center also offers extracurricular activities for students to enjoy. These include the NHS Dance Team, helping and relating with others (SHARE; part of Natural Helpers program), Port Press student newspaper, Ultimate Intramurals, New York City/foreign language clubs, and Model United Nations.

Collaborative partnerships with teachers

Northport High School Counseling Center works closely with teachers to provide students with comprehensive support, including helping with behavioral issues and providing classroom guidance. In addition, this program also assists students with college application processes, including essay writing and gathering letters of recommendation.

Counselors work alongside teachers and parents to assist their students with standardized test preparation, providing workshops and resources such as SAT/ACT prep workshops. Counselors also partner with colleges and industry professionals to offer internships, mentorships, guest speakers, or guest seminars that foster a sense of community while opening dialogue about mental health.

Counseling centers at Northport High School also assist students with special needs. Counselors collaborate with both families and students to develop Individualized Education Plans, which outline specific accommodations. Furthermore, counselors offer programs and workshops that teach how to manage stress levels and cope with anxiety.

School counselors at our school are passionate about their community and are dedicated to equipping each of our students with all of the resources needed for success. Working closely with parents, teachers, administrators, and other school stakeholders, they strive to help each child realize his or her full potential – our vision as counselors is that students become active learners who recognize their worth and value throughout life.

Outreach programs

The Counseling Center offers an array of outreach programs designed to assist students in succeeding both academically and beyond. These include student-run peer counseling sessions, as well as workshops and programs focused on mental health and wellness. Furthermore, resources and guidance are available to prepare students for standardized tests such as the SAT/ACT. Finally, support and tutoring services for academically average students through the AVID program are also offered by this department.

Counselors also work to cultivate a positive school culture through initiatives and programs offered by counselors. These initiatives aim to boost students’ self-esteem and sense of belonging while creating a safe space for open dialogue about mental health issues. Furthermore, counseling centers also offer career guidance programs and collaborate with college/university representatives for internship opportunities and mentorship programs.

Northport High School counselors work in collaboration with teachers to meet the unique educational needs of its students. Together, these partnerships allow these pupils to develop Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) tailored specifically for them. Furthermore, counselors meet regularly with each pupil individually in order to assess progress and identify areas for improvement.

The counseling center strives to create an equitable and diverse learning environment for its students. Counselors provide cultural awareness training for staff as well as access to community resources for those needing specialized care. Furthermore, counselors offer support for marginalized students by advocating for LGBTQ rights and creating supportive communities.

Career Guidance

The Counseling Center provides students with comprehensive career guidance services, from assistance with college applications and financial aid applications advice for career exploration and job searches, as well as stress management advice and information. In addition, its counselors offer both individual and group sessions designed to address student concerns.

The school’s counseling program equips its students with the tools they need to thrive both inside and outside of the classroom. Counselors teach study techniques and time management strategies, helping to create habits of learning that will boost academic performance. They also offer guidance for SAT/ACT exam preparation as well as assistance for those living with disabilities.

NPHS’s career guidance department partners with local businesses to offer students internship and mentorship opportunities that allow them to see their chosen industries at work and learn more about specific industries’ demands. Students also receive counseling for managing high school life more successfully, including dealing with social and emotional concerns.

NPHS’s Cyesis program offers pregnant and parenting students the support and resources they need, such as connecting them with community services or offering prenatal/Lamaze classes. Furthermore, on-site childcare and access to numerous online courses make this a fantastic way to earn your degree while remaining at school.