Nusr-Et Review


If you are a meat lover and want to try a restaurant that serves only the best in the best quality meats, then you should try Nusr-Et. It is a one-of-a-kind experience with a beautiful menu, fantastic smells, amazing people, and delightful presentations. Plus, if you love to watch a show while you eat, then Nusr-It is the right place for you.

Negative reviews

The Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Knightsbridge, London, has received some negative reviews on Tripadvisor. The 126 reviewers rated Nusr-Et as “terrible” or “poor.” Other reviews said that the food was cold or came out very cold. The restaurant is owned by famous chef Salt Bae and opened last September. Since then, it has received several negative reviews.

Although there are several critics and haters, the reviews on Nusr-Et London don’t seem to be representative of the public’s opinion of the restaurant. The majority of the studies are written by people who have never visited the restaurant. Moreover, some reviews were written before the London location even opened. The restaurant’s TripAdvisor page is silent, but other branches worldwide have. Finally, some critics have tweeted about how the restaurant serves food without salt.

While Nurs-It is a meat lover’s paradise, some critics don’t appreciate the high prices. The food is expensive, and the price has put off some diners. The gold leaf-painted tomahawk steak may be tempting, but the price tag on a meal at Nusr-Et Steakhouse is not based on its quality.


The new London steakhouse, Nusr-Et, is causing a stir in the food world. However, critics have questioned the chain’s ethics and motivations, with prices starting at PS17 for cheeseburgers and rising to PS700 for a 24-carat gold tomahawk.

Nurs-et pays its wait staff an 18% service charge. This means they are paid nearly $800 a month. The prices at Nusr-et restaurants in Knightsbridge, London, are even crazier. The wait staff is paid 18 percent of the total bill, but the prices there are astronomical.

The prices vary widely, but average meals cost about PS80. A steak can cost up to $275, and the steak tartare can run PS40. Other entrees include a heart-shaped burger, a sirloin steak, and a burger. There are also many dessert options on the menu. The burgers and salads are delicious, but they’re not cheap.

Although Nurs-Et’s prices are a little high, it should do quite well during T-Mobile events since it’s only one of two restaurants in the stadium. The pop-culture tie-in should be enough to draw crowds. Besides, Salt Bae will be on site when Nusr-Et opens, and his celebrity status will surely attract the curious public. While the fame of Salt Bae is an advantage, it can’t guarantee that the restaurant will be a hit.


If you are interested in eating Korean food in New York, you should check out Nusr-Et Food. This restaurant is owned by Salt Bae, a famous YouTube star. Among other things, Salt Bae eats steak and drops salt all over his forearm. However, Nurs-It is also open in Boston, New York, and Abu Dhabi.

The interior of Nusa-It is reminiscent of a meat locker, with tall mirrored shelves and a chandelier. A window showcases raw beef, and the women’s restroom has a giant picture of Michelle Pfeiffer from “Scarface.” Although the food here isn’t as flashy as the other restaurants in Seoul, the restaurant does offer some unique features.

The restaurant has won praise from Yelp users and professional critics alike. Gokce’s Instagram account is home to 37 million followers, but he is busy entertaining Yelp users in the newly opened Mykonos location. He’s serving a PS700 Wagyu steak wrapped in gold foil. However, the food at Nusr-It is not that impressive, and GQ’s Joshua David Stein wrote that “the food here is not as memorable as the restaurant’s showmanship.”


The Nusr-Et experience is unlike any other. It features a one-of-a-kind menu, fantastic smells, and glorious people. Not only that, but the restaurant also offers an incredible show. Nurs-Et venues are renowned for their unique character, establishing an outstanding reputation for themselves. It also serves high-quality, premium meat and fish. In addition, guests can enjoy the full-course experience with a bottle of wine.

The Nusr-Et Steakhouse London has seven reviews on Tripadvisor. Four of the reviews give it one star. The main complaints were that the food was cold and forced them to sit outside. The restaurant is owned by Salt Bae, who also runs the Nusr-Et fast-food restaurant in New York.

The menu is costly, which may deter some people from coming to the restaurant. Although the menu isn’t cheap, it does feature high-quality meat. The two-story restaurant has an eye-catching bar. Its ambience is also impressive and will evoke feelings of luxury.