Oriflame Skin Care Products


You can choose from several Oriflame skin care products to give you a beautiful, radiant complexion. Here are some of them: Giordani gold Cc day cream, Tender Care Protecting Balm, and Love Nature 2-in-1 Shampoo. This product is made from all-natural, organic ingredients to give your skin a fresh, sparkling look.

Oriflame Giordani gold Cc cream

Giordani Gold CC cream from Oriflame is a CC cream with SPF 35 and natural formula. It comes in a tube with a screw-lock cap and a cardboard box with product information. It is an excellent choice for those who want to enhance their skin tone and cover dark spots. It can be used alone or as a primer under make-up.

Oriflame Optimal Even Out day cream

The Optimals Even Out day cream SPF 20 has been developed by scientists to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays while providing an even complexion. Its formula is packed with SPF 20 and LumiLight Complex, which combine to produce a cream that absorbs quickly and leaves you with a soft after-feel. This cream is suitable for all skin types.

Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm

Tender Care is a multi-purpose protecting balm that contains vitamin E and beeswax to help dry, sensitive skin stay soft and supple. It also contains a blend of emollients to reduce water loss from the skin and speed up skin barrier function. This nourishing balm can be used anytime.

It has a silky texture and is great for cuticles and elbows. The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into the skin, making it ideal for these areas. In addition, it is packaged in a teeny jar, making it easy to carry around and apply to various body parts.

Oriflame Love Nature 2-in-1 Shampoo

Oriflame Love Nature 2-in-1 shampoo is a silicone-free hair cleansing and conditioning formula and is designed for all hair types. This creamy shampoo is rich in Vitamin C and Vacado Oil and restores damaged hair. It also leaves it with a shiny, healthy look.

Oriflame sun zone UV protector

Oriflame’s sun protection products are perfect for sun-sensitive skin. The Oriflame Sun Zone UV Protector is a lightweight, water-resistant formula that provides SPF 50 protection. Its ingredients contain vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which moisturise the skin. To get the best protection, apply this product 15 minutes before you head outdoors.

This sunscreen offers moderate sun protection with moisturising benefits. Its innovative formula contains UVA and UVB filters to prevent harmful rays from damaging the skin. In addition, this light-textured formula is both water-resistant and non-greasy. It is also ideal for dry or combination skin.