Oscar Health Reviews Review


The Oscar Health app is user-friendly for accessing your doctor’s information. In addition, the company strongly emphasizes customer service and helps you find the right doctor. The insurance plan also includes a free annual physical, a great benefit. The company also posts news, new features, and events on its social media pages.

Concierge team

The concierge team at Oscar Health Reviews provides members with concierge services that go above and beyond the standard medical plan. They help members find the right doctors, understand their plans, and save money on care. They also provide an app for members to book appointments and prescriptions. They can also interact with the concierge team using messaging tools.

The concierge team at Oscar includes a nurse and three clinical professionals who specialize in the healthcare field. They know local networks well and can help members navigate health insurance plans and get referrals and prescriptions quickly. These professionals can be contacted by phone or secure messaging on the Oscar mobile app.

Customer service

If you are looking for health insurance, you may have heard about Oscar Health Reviews. The company strives to be the top dog in health insurance and has used technologically based systems to streamline the sign-up process. Unfortunately, this has left them lacking in customer service, and their members are not happy.

Oscar offers a concierge service that proactively reaches out to members to improve their service. The team has access to members’ histories and can help them navigate their health plans and get the care they need. This service is accessible via the Oscar app.


Compared to other health insurance companies, Oscar offers a range of benefits for its members. For example, it offers telemedicine, meaning members can talk to a doctor 24 hours a day. This is especially helpful if you need medical advice and can’t make it to the doctor’s office. Despite these perks, there are several complaints about the company’s service. The most common complaints are about billing, communication, and scheduling issues.

The good news for consumers is that Oscar Health is relatively affordable. The monthly price is low, and the policy includes free generic drugs. It also offers incentives for healthy behaviors, such as a $1 per day rebate on an Amazon gift card. The bad news for consumers is that the company has struggled to gain a large customer base. Consequently, it has had a tough time receiving positive customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau.

Plans available in some states

Oscar Health Reviews is a health insurance comparison website. It offers simple tools to help you find a plan that fits your needs. It offers cost information, averages for certain services, and the types of patients covered by a plan. Plans vary by region but are often as good as Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield plans.

Oscar has many positive reviews, and its mobile app is intuitive and easy to use. It also provides a toll-free phone number so members can talk to a doctor anytime. However, some users complain of scheduling issues, and others have issues with communication.


Oscar Health Reviews rates health insurance companies by their customers’ satisfaction, coverage, and price. While the company has received high customer marks, there are complaints about its customer service and billing practices. In addition, some customers have found it difficult to find doctors who accept their insurance plans. Finally, members have reported problems finding their dental and vision coverage options.

Oscar is a relatively new player in the health insurance industry. This means it will take some time to build a solid reputation and resolve any customer service issues. However, this does not mean that customers should avoid this company altogether. Its financial strength rating is good, and it is worth considering if you need a health insurance plan.