Pink Bounce House With Water Slide


Girls love pink and purple colors, so this bounce house was explicitly created with them in mind. Featuring an inflatable roofline parapet and inflatable turrets at each corner, this pink castle will bring joyous moments for years.

This bouncy house will transform any backyard into an elegant princess palace while encouraging healthy exercise; bouncing promotes fitness and enhances balance.

Safety First

Inflatable bounce houses can add fun and excitement to any gathering, but safety precautions must be observed. No children should enter an inflatable bounce house alone without adult supervision; adults must monitor all activities to protect all participants as well as protect the bounce house itself from potential damage.

Bounce houses should not be used during rainy or windy conditions as it could cause them to deflate and injure children inside. If necessary, use only well-anchored bounce houses that are secured to the ground; all children should wear appropriate footwear; additionally, ensure there is water nearby in case there is an unexpected downpour.

This deluxe inflatable offers hours of bouncing and sliding fun for girls of all ages, perfect for parties of any gender-neutral nature. With its pretty-in-pink coloring and princess theme, this gender-neutral piece can bring joy to every event your little girl attends – indoors or out! Additionally, its standard garden hose connection adds summertime fun (for optimal outdoor usage, the use of a tarp is recommended).

An inflatable bounce house is an effective way to promote physical fitness, strengthening muscles and bones while stimulating the brain and improving balance. Bouncing can also help boost brain activity and build credit – it also encourages children’s socialization skills by giving them space to interact. These inflatable structures make the perfect centerpieces for birthday parties, school functions, and outdoor gatherings!

Large windows offer ample airflow and supervision, while its spacious bouncing area can hold up to six kids at one time. Its attractive pink-and-purple color scheme is further highlighted by yellow window frames and four inflatable turrets at each corner, giving kids plenty of opportunities to dream in this castle-style bounce house and practice their basketball dunks on its basketball hoop.

This inflatable bounce house is ideally suited for young kids and toddlers, making it suitable for use on any surface, including grass, dirt, asphalt, or concrete. Its simple construction makes it easy to keep clean between uses; in fact, the company that created it even includes an air pump to speed up set-up time without needing electric outlets!

Fun for All Ages

Young and old alike enjoy spending time in pink bounce houses. Bounce houses help foster imagination and creativity while simultaneously providing physical activity that strengthens motor skills. Furthermore, good bounce houses make an ideal feature at parties or events, providing hours of entertainment to guests of all ages.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this pink castle bounce house boasts an inflatable front parapet with inflatable turrets at each corner and an entrance/exit ramp located centrally for convenient entry/exit. Children will delight in playing royalty as they enter this pink castle bounce house!

This bounce house features an expansive bouncing area and double slide for extra fun! Its open wall design makes supervision from outside easy, while finger-safe mesh windows ensure proper airflow and visibility. Plus, this bouncy castle comes complete with its basketball hoop for even more active fun!

Every little girl will feel like royalty in this pink modular bounce house! Perfect for birthday parties, school events, and church functions alike – its bright colors and castle peaks bring joy to all, and its durable construction ensures it will become a favorite over time.


Our pink castle bounce house is constructed with durable materials to last and features a spacious interior that can comfortably seat multiple children at once for hours of jumping fun and safe playtime. Its fantasy styling includes an inflatable parapet along its front roofline and inflatable turrets in each corner; additionally, it boasts large windows for excellent air circulation and visibility, as well as finger-safe mesh netting covering all openings for optimal safety. Furthermore, its central entrance ramp inflates alongside it to make accessing this castle much more straightforward for kids – ensuring success at any event! This bounce house will surely make an impressionful statement at any event they attend!

Easy to Set Up

Pink bounce houses can transform any backyard into an amusement zone for children. Bouncing fun can last all day long and are even more captivating when coupled with slides for added excitement! No matter if it is for a birthday party or other special event – the pink castle water slide bounce house combo will provide hours of joyous memories.

Fantasy styling of this inflatable will delight girls (and boys!) of all ages, featuring an inviting parapet along its roofline and four inflatable turrets at its corners. A castle entrance ramp inflates alongside it for easy entry/exit; large windows feature finger-safe mesh netting windows for safe play; plus, its covered roof ensures year-round use!

Pink castle bounce houses can provide endless hours of backyard and party fun but also serve a variety of other functions, including school and church functions, as well as community events like parades and fairs. Their sturdy construction has been designed to withstand frequent use as well as frequent cleaning, while premium polyester material guarantees long-term use thanks to solid stitching and seams backed up by Magic Jump’s unrivaled durability and safety standards.

This pink castle bounce house comes equipped with an easy assembly process: open the box, unfold, and secure the netting to make the castle pop up quickly! Plus, its maintenance is no headache as its blower can be placed in a separate compartment for quiet operation. Designed for indoor or outdoor use and suitable for most surfaces such as grass, dirt, asphalt, and concrete, ground stakes help secure its position, while its misting system can connect directly with standard garden hoses to create wet slides or the water feature can be turned off whenever necessary for dry play!