Places to Visit in December in Raipur


If you’re in Raipur in December, you have a few options for places to visit. Raipur is home to Ghatarani Waterfall, known for its cascading water and thick forests. The waterfall is close to the Jatmai Temple and has picnic areas for visitors to enjoy.


If you have time in Raipur, the ISKCON Temple is a must-visit place. One of the many temples of ISKCON across the country, it is beautifully built and draws thousands of visitors daily. It is home to the idols of Lord Krishna, Balram, and Radha. Many people from different religions come to the temple to pray. The temple is a hub for cultural events, too. December is a good time to visit the ISKCON temple of Raipur.

Located on the Dhamtari road, this pilgrimage site is huge and spread across 12 acres. The temple’s main hall is home to the idol of Dhuni Saheb, as well as many other gods and goddesses. There are also beautiful statues and musical fountains throughout the temple. The entire space is a must-visit destination for any Raipur visitor.

The city is home to several other places of interest besides the ISKCON Temple. One of these places is the Swami Vivekanand Sarovar, surrounded by lush green palm trees. The area is full of positive energy and is perfect for excursions and picnics. You can even watch the sunset from here!

The Nandan Van Zoo is another must-visit destination in Raipur. This zoo offers jungle safaris, and boat rides home to various animals and flora. This place is fun for kids and adults and gives them exposure to rare species. Admission is fairly reasonable, and the facilities are great.

Raipur Museum is another must-visit for Raipur visitors. Located near Kutchery Chowk, it is small but packed with history. It features five exhibition galleries and a large library and offers educational tours and delicious Indian food. It is also convenient for picnickers.

If you have time to visit Raipur, you may also want to see the MM Fun City. This is Raipur’s largest water park and has many attractions for adults and children. MM Fun City also has a restaurant and an exclusive kids’ zone. It is the perfect place to relax after a long day of sightseeing.

If you are travelling to Raipur, you may wish to book a hotel near the Raipur airport. There are a variety of hotels in the city, ranging from luxury to budget-friendly options. The Hotel Babylon International, Hotel Shamrock Greens, and Zone by the Park, Raipur, are good choices for budget travellers.

The Gandhi Udyan Park is an ideal Raipur tourist location. This park has a beautifully tiled pathway and is covered in greenery. It hosts many morning and evening yoga classes and is a good place for a brisk stroll. It is a great place for kids to learn about spirituality; you won’t be disappointed by its beautiful surroundings.

Raipur has a temperate climate all year round. Winters are relatively cold, with temperatures rarely exceeding forty degrees Celsius. Summers are hot, with high temperatures often reaching 48 degrees. Raipur Airport is 15 km away and is easily accessible from major cities in India. You can book flights to and from the city on IndiGo.

ISKCON temples

The ISKCON temple in Raipur is the most recent addition to the network of ISKCON temples in India. The original idols were relocated to another temple, but the new one reflects the sanctity of Krishna Consciousness and looks beautiful with the lights at night. Although this temple is not yet complete, it’s still well worth a visit and is open from 4:30 AM to 9 PM, the ideal time to visit.

Raipur is an important industrial city and home to coal and aluminium industries. The city is also fast gaining popularity in the tourism industry. Visitors to Raipur can enjoy ancient temples, lakes, and educational facilities. The city is a great choice for families, couples, and groups. There are several top attractions in Raipur, including the Mahant Ghasi Memorial Museum, Jatmai Temple, Energy Park, and ISKCON Raipur.

Raipur is a beautiful place to visit at night. The city centre mall offers a great mix of business and entertainment. There are many shops and a large food court. It also has five screens and entertains tourists. You can go to a nightclub for delicious food and drinks in the evening.

The Shadani Darbar is a large pilgrimage site. It’s located on Dhamtari road and is spread over 12 acres. It features an idol of the goddess Dhuni and several other gods. It also features beautiful musical fountains and statues. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the festive season and the many festivities.

Raipur is also home to several ancient temples. Both locals and visitors revere these places and their intricate murals and architecture. The city’s 1.4-km-long railway station is well connected to other parts of the country. You can also get around the city with various modes of transportation, including buses, rickshaws, and taxis.

In Raipur, there are endless places to see and explore. One of the most popular attractions is the Swami Vivekanand Sarovar, surrounded by beautiful palm trees and food stalls. The location is great for excursions and picnics. It also offers a breathtaking sunset view.

The town’s museums are another good place to visit during your Raipur vacation. You can find a wealth of information about Raipur’s history at the Raipur Museum. It features five galleries and two floors of exhibits. It also houses a massive library.

You should also visit some of the city’s food joints if you have time. Raipur has several cafes offering different kinds of food to cater to every palate. In particular, the Samta Colony Main Road has some of the city’s chicest eateries. Try the animal, a traditional dish similar to sambhar and a great experience.

ISKCON water park

If you plan to visit the ISKCON water park in December in Raipur, you have several things to consider. This place is a popular destination with lots of activities for the kids. However, you will need to follow the mandatory travel guidelines. You will have to complete two doses of vaccination and get an RT PCR test before planning a trip. You should also be socially distancing, wear a mask when visiting, and wash your hands before touching any surfaces.

The town of Raipur is known for its rich culture and ancient temples. While the ISKCON temple at Raipur is a recent addition to the Raipur region, it has garnered much attention from locals. The clean white marble of the temple reflects the light and looks even prettier at night.

Another place to visit in Raipur during the winter season is Solar Energy Park. This park, which the Chattisgarh Renewable Development Agency set up, has a theme park. There are many rides, activities, and games for children, and you can also enjoy a picnic at a nearby food stall.

Raipur is also a great destination for adventurers. It is home to the highest mountain in the Kaner region, Gadiya. Besides, Raipur also has several leisure and shopping facilities. You can visit old temples, museums, and shopping malls. The city is also well connected with flights from all over the country.

The town of Raipur is a great destination in December for the entire family. There are plenty of activities for children to enjoy, and the MM Fun City is one of the most popular destinations near the town. It is open from 10 am to 8 pm on weekdays and until 10:30 pm on weekends. The cost of admission is quite affordable for both children and adults. It is also great for students.

Another popular destination for families in Raipur is the Shadani Darbar. The shrine is a 12-acre pilgrimage space named after Sri Shadaramji Saheb and has an imposing hall that houses an idol of Dhuni Saheb. The temple also features beautiful statues and musical fountains. The atmosphere is tranquil.

If you’re looking for a good day out with the kids, the Nandan Van Zoo is another great destination in Raipur. The zoo is home to a wide variety of animals and is the perfect place for a picnic with your family. You can also enjoy boating rides on the lake. You can even enjoy street food while you’re there.

Raipur’s roads are well maintained and offer great connectivity. Many interstate and local train services travel to and from the city. There are also public bicycle-sharing services. However, you should be prepared for busy roads, especially during business hours. There can be bottlenecks if you’re in a hurry.