Protect Your Investment With a Dirt Bike Cover


A dirt bike cover provides the necessary protection to ensure your bike remains clean and undamaged when not in use, helping prevent moisture build-up, mold growth, and mildew growth, as well as UV damage that could otherwise occur from direct sunlight exposure.

We conducted rigorous tests on several covers explicitly designed to fit dirt bikes and evaluated features that make them more durable, such as accommodating windshields and saddle bags.

Protects Your Bike from the Elements

While you do your best to maintain a clean dirt bike when riding it, despite your best efforts, it can still get dirty between rides. A dirt bike cover can help protect against dirt, such as raindrops or rainwater that accumulates between rides – this helps ensure it remains cleaner and looks its best between rides!

Dirt bike covers are designed to protect your motorcycle from dust, rain, and other forms of debris while it sits idle in your garage or track. There are covers explicitly designed to fit both small and large bikes; both can even be locked to protect against theft during periods when they are not being used.

At Dennis Kirk, we offer travel and garage dirt bike covers to protect your motorcycle while hauling or storing it. Find one that will perfectly fit your dirt bike for a snug, secure coverage; additional options, such as bungee cords, can ensure even more excellent protection and lockable options can prevent thieves or curious neighborhood pigeons from accessing it.

Keeps Your Bike Clean Between Rides

As part of the adventure of riding your dirt bike comes an inevitable side effect: dust, mud, and rain. While these elements might not seem like much at first, over time, they can degrade components, dull paint finishes, and reduce lifespan – which ultimately limits enjoyment from biking!

A dirt bike cover is an easy, cost-effective solution to protect your bike from the elements between rides. In addition to helping prevent rust formation and decreasing the need for detailed maintenance like oiling the chain or cleaning brake pads, using one means less time worrying about and more time enjoying riding your ride!

After a long ride, it can be tempting to rinse your bike with the garden hose and call it good. But this harsh spray could damage stickers and graphics, causing them to peel or blow off while leaving behind a layer of muddy water that is difficult to shift and can even clog your chain! So, instead, after every ride, use Maxima SC1 product to flush away excess moisture while simultaneously lubricating its chain.

As part of your routine maintenance routine, it’s advisable to rewash your bike periodically using the garden hose, particularly after riding in wet conditions. After using WD-40 on any metal components that have come into contact with moisture, silicone spray should be used to wipe away any remaining mud and grime for an as-new look on the ride.

Dirt bikes are stored outdoors when not being used, making them vulnerable to the elements. A dirt bike cover can protect it from rain, snow, and UV rays, which could otherwise damage components and fade paint, as well as protect from dust and bird droppings that inevitably settle upon it over time – some covers even have locks for additional security if your bike isn’t stored inside a garage or shed – not only when not riding but also frequently after each ride!

Keeps Your Bike Clean While Hauling

Dirt bikes may be designed for dirtier terrains, but that doesn’t mean each ride needs to start cloudy. Utilizing a dirt bike cover between rides and while transporting will keep your ride looking its best and protect it from dirty splatters that might ruin its paint job – plus, it keeps your vehicle covered!

If you’re searching for an easy and affordable solution, purchasing a tarp at your local home improvement or hardware store might be just what’s needed to keep your bike dust-free during transportation as well as prevent potential scratches caused by other objects in the trailer. For longer-term solutions, consider covering it with heavy-duty fabric that resists abrasions while being resilient enough to withstand sudden movements or temperature shifts.

An ideal dirt bike cover is an essential investment for any enthusiast, as it helps ensure their beloved machine continues to look new for longer. No matter whether it is sitting idle in your garage or exposed to the elements outside, its condition will rapidly degrade if left uncovered; by protecting it with a cover from rain, sun, and other threats, it will stay looking brand new for longer!

Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus, dirt bike covers, are top-of-the-line options for protecting your bike from the elements, with features including rustproof grommet lock holes and double stitched elastic hem with adjustable buckles around the wheel area – not forgetting UV ray protection! Additionally, this compact cover folds down easily into its compact size so that it can be stored easily in saddle bags or backpacks for quick on-and-off use when at tracks, trails, or camping trips. A must-have!

Keeps Your Bike Clean While Storing

Your bike deserves to stay looking its best while in storage or waiting to be used, and having it under cover helps protect it from dust, cobwebs, and other forms of debris that might settle on it while it is not in use. A bike cover helps preserve its beauty by keeping dust at bay and decreasing the corrosion risk that comes with metal exposure to moisture – even inside a garage where changing humidity and temperatures could damage it over time – all factors that increase the chance of theft or damage over time.

First and foremost, when selecting the ideal cover for you, determine how much protection is necessary. While cheaper models will likely feature lighter materials like nylon or PVC fabric, more costly models might include water-resistant polyester materials that provide added strength against strong winds. Your material choice can also impact its expected lifecycle as well as how long its effectiveness remains intact.

Another critical consideration in selecting the appropriate bike cover size is size. Smaller covers will only fit one bike, while larger models can hold multiple. Some models feature straps to secure their cover against windy conditions. A drawstring at the bottom makes putting on and off your cover easier and helps ensure it remains in place when in use.

Make sure your cover includes enough zippered pockets large enough to store all of your valuables safely while in storage and to help deter theft. This will prevent bike accessories from getting misplaced while being stored away and provide an added layer of security against theft.

A great dirt bike cover should be weather-resistant, durable, and lightweight enough for transport on overnight trips or trailside stops. They should protect from bird droppings, animal scratches, mildew buildup, and rusting hazards while helping extend their lifespan over time.