Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Reviews


The Galaxy S9+ is a powerful device with the best screen of any smartphone currently available. Its Quad HD Plus resolution and SuperAMOLED technology make it extremely bright and colorful. The screen is also always on so you won’t have to worry about draining your battery power. It has an edge panel that brings shortcuts to contacts and apps.

Bixby is the best digital assistant on the market

Samsung has updated its digital assistant, Bixby, to make it more helpful. The new feature can read text messages and emails, and also perform actions based on what the user says. It is also better at breaking news, voice note-taking, and translation. In addition, Bixby can perform various smartphone functions, including launching apps and closing them. The digital assistant has a lot of capabilities, and Samsung is continuously adding new features.

The new Bixby feature can be useful for those who prefer using their phone hands-free. It can also open settings, toggle auto-brightness, and more. Bixby used to have some flaws, including a bad design that didn’t map well to the home button. It irked many users who used Google Assistant. However, it has evolved a lot since its introduction, and it should get better with time.

Another useful feature is Bixby Vision. The smart assistant can also identify objects, read text, and recognize images. It can even translate words in real time.

Camera quality isn’t as good as Apple or Google’s

While the camera quality isn’t as good as Apple and Google’s, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus have a good camera, it isn’t up to Apple or Google’s. The Galaxy S9 camera has an aperture range of f/1.5 and f/2.4 and isn’t a full-frame sensor. It is capable of shooting in bright daylight and also lets in a lot of light. There’s a setting for Pro shooting, which helps you control the camera’s aperture.

The camera performance isn’t as good as Apple or Android-based phones, but the S9+ camera has a second telephoto lens. Apple’s portrait mode is also better, but Samsung’s Live Focus portrait mode isn’t as effective. However, it is a nice feature to have.

Samsung and Apple have been paving the way in phone photography and have both stepped up their game with their latest models. The Galaxy S9 Plus is among the first phones to feature a variable aperture, which allows the camera to adjust to different lighting conditions without compromising sharpness. They also have dual cameras similar to the Note 8.

Battery life

With a new battery, you can expect your smartphone to run longer, even though you are not using it as often as you would like. Samsung’s original lithium-ion battery is a great source of energy for your phone. This battery is specifically designed to provide high running and standby times and is known for its durability.

Whether you’re using your phone for business or for pleasure, it’s important to optimize battery life. Using the phone’s battery-saving settings can help. The built-in performance modes can also help you get the best battery life from your phone. The optimized, game and entertainment modes are designed to offer the best balance between performance and battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ users can expect a battery life of up to 94 hours of music playback with the Always On Display switched off. The Galaxy S9 can last up to 13 hours longer than its predecessor. It also has a lower power consumption than its predecessor.

Sound quality

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ offers excellent audio quality for both music and movies. It supports Dolby Atmos and lets you customize the EQ to make sure you get the best audio quality possible. The phone also has a selectable Dolby Atmos processing mode which uses psychoacoustics to create a more spacious sound field.

To turn on Dolby Atmos, open the “Sound Quality and Effects” menu and then tap on the corresponding option. You can now choose the type of sound you want, from Auto to Movie to Music and Voice. After you’ve selected the right type of audio codec, tap on the settings button.

If your audio quality isn’t as good as you’d like, you may be experiencing a hardware malfunction. A bad network signal can affect the sound quality of your calls, but you can easily fix this problem by restoring your network signal. In addition, you can try plugging in your wired headset. The sound quality should improve after you’ve removed the Galaxy S9 case.