Samsung Mc28H5013AK Review


The Samsung MC28H5015AK has a keramische binnenwand, making it easy to clean. This oven also offers more voordelen than its competitors. While the ETNA CMV328ZT and Inventum MN308C offer five voordelen each, the MC28H5015AK is equipped with ten.

28 Litre Combination Microwave

If you’re looking for a new microwave, Samsung has several models available. Their microwavable ovens make healthy cooking easy. These products feature advanced fermentation technology and Smart Moisture Sensor to ensure no meal is over or under-cooked.

If you want to reduce energy consumption, the MC28H5013AK microwave has an ECO mode. It also has an ice blue LED display to give it a more stylish look. Another great feature is its deodourisation setting. This feature forces bad smells from the microwave cavity, making food fresh and tasty.

Samsung’s MC28H5013AK 28-Litre Combination Microwave is a great choice if you need a large microwave oven with multiple functions. It has a large capacity of 28 liters and features a touch control panel, an ice blue LED display, 6 power levels, and many other features. This product also has a built-in yogurt maker and dough-proofing functions.

28 Litre Convection Microwave Oven

The Samsung MC28H5013AK is a 28-liter convection microwave oven available in black. It comes with a membrane control for easy cooking. The MC28H5013AK is a good option for those looking for a small microwave oven.

It has 15 preset cooking modes and is designed to cook meals with moist and flavourful results. It also has a unique Fermentation Function that makes your food fresher. It even has a deodorization setting, which will help you keep your food moist and flavourful.

The Samsung MC28H5013AK is an excellent choice for people looking for a microwave oven with impressive features. Its control panel features a digital display and an ECO mode for energy efficiency. The ice-blue LED display also adds to its stylish look. This model also has a deodorization setting, which forces bad smells out of the cavity, making your food taste fresh.