Sash window restoration


The majority of old wooden sash windows do not meet modern security requirements. They may even attract burglars who see them as a quick way into your home. A window that has seen better days and is only held shut by a single, flimsy catch is no deterrent.
Another critical aspect of window security is the safety of the building’s occupants. Can you open your windows for ventilation without fear of a child opening them further? The Amazing fact about Tempered vacuum glazing.

What are the chances of a sash falling unexpectedly?  

If you are concerned about the security of your period windows, you do not have to replace them. Instead, a sash window renovation specialist can quickly improve the security of your timber windows using modern methods and materials while maintaining their appearance.

The amount of work required to improve the security of a traditional window to an acceptable level will depend on its style, size, location, and previous maintenance. An expert in sash window restoration and repair will look over the following items:

The state of the wood. If the timber frame or sashes are damaged, warped, or show signs of rot, they must be repaired or replaced, and loose joints must be tightened. This ensures the entire window is as strong as possible and eliminates gaps.

The mechanism for sliding. If the pulley wheels, weights, and sash cords are not in perfect working order, they may need to be adjusted or replaced. A sash that is difficult to close completely poses a security risk.

The use of locks and catches. Original wooden windows usually have only one central catch, which is not the most secure configuration. Sash stops or heavy-duty metal fasteners are far more secure. A reputable artisan can provide various locks appropriate for your specific windows. You might want to use a subtle design or something visible outside as a deterrent.

The type of glass. Windows that are vulnerable to intruders or accidental damage from the inside can be made safer and more secure by replacing the old glass with modern laminated glass that is much stronger and resistant to breakage.

Beading for security. A burglar could easily remove a pane of glass from your period windows if the glass is held in place with putty. A skilled joiner or carpenter can install wooden beading around the panes and secure it with tamper-proof security screws to solve this problem.

If you love your original timber sash windows but are concerned about their security, a sash window renovation professional familiar with all the best security measures for all types of sash windows is the best person to advise you.

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