School For Kingdom Evangelizers


The primary qualification for attending school for kingdom evangelizers is spirituality and a willingness to accept any assignment from Jehovah. If you are interested in pursuing this goal, talk to your elders about your suitability for it.

Download templates that simplify organizational duties such as midweek and weekend meetings or announcements. You can also create personal Bible reading schedules and track field service hours.

What You’ll Learn

An enriched learning curriculum informed by best practices and 10+ years of grassroots-level ministry experience forming effective, on-fire evangelizers. Gain confidence in your calling through small group learning, experiential activities, and real-world application of knowledge. An evangelization team that accompanies each student and supports their growth throughout the school year. One SPSE student used their formation to start a prison ministry, and another created a Catholic small group that’s seeing emotional and spiritual healing encounters.

Personal Growth

Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of evangelization initiatives and gain hands-on experience. This will build confidence in course material and help them flourish in their unique charisms. A specialized ministry team accompanies students through each step of their journey.

Students who have graduated from the school can be assigned to Bethel service, theocratic schools, or exceptional full-time service anywhere in the world. In addition, they may choose to work in the local circuit or with another congregation as the Lord leads. They are also free to travel as part of their assignments. The congregation secretary may wish to retain the application letter (G-8) and letter to applicants (G-14) in the permanent file of policy letters.


The school lasts for eight weeks and requires attendees to stay in the same room with a group of other evangelizers. This can lead to friendships and networking opportunities for upcoming assignments.

The circuit overseer will send an invitation to attend the class. Those who have already graduated from Gilead, the Bible School for Christian Couples, or the Ministerial Training School may be invited to attend. However, applying does not guarantee that you will be asked to participate.

One of the biggest perks of attending this course is getting to know other Jehovah’s Witnesses from around the world who are also interested in preaching and evangelizing. You’ll find that the international community of Kingdom evangelizers is genuinely remarkable.

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A school for kingdom evangelizers is not just about learning. It’s about becoming part of a community that supports you through your studies and helps you become more confident in the work of evangelization. This includes the specialized ministry team that accompanies each student through every step of the program.

The school for kingdom evangelizers is held in various locations worldwide. Some are based in the United States, but others are overseas. You will find the complete list on the World Congregation website.

If you are interested in attending the school for kingdom evangelizers, you should first discuss it with your elders. They will help you determine if you have the qualifications needed to be a kingdom evangelizer, which include spirituality and a willingness to accept any assignment of service from Jehovah.