Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protector


Siemens offers this premium whole-house surge protector known as FirstSurge, which comes with a limited lifetime product warranty and coverage for connected residential equipment. Obtain the Best information about نماینده زیمنس در یران.

Some customers have reported that this SPD may be too large for their breaker panel, so it is wise to double-check its dimensions prior to purchase.

Product Description

If you’re searching for a commercial-grade total home surge protector, the Siemens Firstsurge Power device should be on your shortlist. Installed at the load center, this unit protects appliances and electrical systems by blocking surges before they enter your home. Rated to handle up to 140,000 amps of surge spike capacity, plus ground reference monitoring, an audible alarm, and a red service indicator to alert when replacement units may be necessary, it makes for the perfect home solution!

This Siemens device can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its NEMA Type 4 enclosure, making it compatible with most breaker panels and offering a limited 10-year warranty backed by coverage for connected equipment if it fails. Some buyers noted that it may be too large to fit within their panel – make sure that its dimensions are included before purchasing!

Some customers have commented on how loud and distracting the audible alarm can be; however, it should be understood as evidence of its efficacy in protecting appliances and electrical systems from surges. Unplugging it from your breaker panel is the quickest way to silence this alarm.


Siemens whole-house surge protection devices help to prevent electrical equipment damage caused by power surges. Compatible with any load center and breakers, these surge protectors meet both UL and cUL safety regulations as well as specific protection requirements. Furthermore, Siemens devices feature cascading protection options during installation to cover an entire system with maximum coverage.

The Siemens fs140 comes with a 10-year product and connected equipment warranty, covering repairs or replacement costs of your device. Please be aware that this does not cover installation or labor expenses – for assistance regarding these matters, please reach out directly to Siemens customer service.

If you purchase an appliance outside the UK, its warranty terms and conditions will differ depending on its destination country. These details should be found either in its accompanying booklet or online; any such warranty stands in addition to your statutory rights that remain unaffected.

Siemens reserves the right to disclaim claims when an appliance has been subjected to damage or impairment due to transport damages that we are not responsible for, improper handling and assembly, use in non-domestic environments, inappropriate maintenance practices, or failure to follow operating and assembly instructions. Courts in England and Wales shall decide any disputes related to or arising out of this warranty.


The Siemens FS140 total home surge protector can be easily installed at any load center for complete home protection. Equipped with FirstSurge Pro technology to stop surges before they reach your equipment, creating a more robust surge protection system. Furthermore, its high surge current capacity means it can handle even large surges without fail – not to mention its NEMA 4X enclosure rating, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

If you own a ranch panel, contacting Siemens with its model number could prove effective: If they still produce dead front covers for it, purchase one and have your electrician swap out its interior on his next visit.

Bottom Line

If you are in search of whole-house surge protection, the Siemens fs140 could be a perfect option. Boasting an excellent surge protection rating and offering coverage for connected residential equipment, this device comes with a limited lifetime warranty as well. Unfortunately, however, its size makes it hard to fit into specific breaker panels; should this become an issue, inquire with Siemens regarding dead front covers that match your panel, or switching out an interior with another model number may help.

Overall, this device is an excellent option for most homeowners. The Siemens FS140 surge protector boasts a 140,000 amp surge rating with commercial-class diagnostics, audible alarms, and a red LED indicator that notifies of any compromise in the neutral/ground connection. Although its price point may be more costly than alternatives available today, its peace-of-mind benefits far outweigh it. In areas that experience frequent power outages, it should also serve as an indispensable whole-house surge protection solution with superior features over competitors.

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