Surefire Tactics For Instagram Growth


Setting clear Instagram goals gives you the best chance at engaging and reaching your target audience, whether by increasing brand recognition and conversions directly or organically (through hashtags, keywords, and brand captions). The best way to buy real Instagram followers.

These goals should serve as the basis of your strategy and how to create and promote posts and can help determine which content pillars and themes to prioritize.

1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are integral to Instagram strategies for increased exposure and reach, helping audiences discover you more quickly and become followers. You can increase visibility and expand reach by including appropriate hashtags with posts, stories, and reels, potentially turning newcomers into loyal supporters.

Branded hashtags can be an excellent way to drive user-generated content creation and expand the community on Instagram. Papier puts their branded hashtag #ABMLifeIsColorful in their bio and encourages customers to use it when sharing posts about the brand. This strategy can generate lots of engagement while enabling you to repost images from followers (with credit given!).

However, you must avoid “spamming” audiences with hashtags that do not add context. Hashtags may get banned by Instagram, so only use those relevant to your post.

2. Promote Your Posts

Instagram growth strategies allow you to reach a broader audience in various ways. Knowing your goals – to increase brand recognition, drive direct conversions or generate inquiries via direct messaging – is essential in creating content, promoting it effectively, and measuring its success.

Employing influencers as brand advocates is an effective way to drive engagement and gain new followers for your brand. Find creators that align with your values and have engaged audiences – you can use the Instagram Creator Marketplace to search for creators and their audiences.

Use Instagram’s automatic targeting function to reach audiences that mirror those of your current followers or create custom audiences to target specific metrics manually.

3. Create a Story

Stories are one of the best ways to expand your Instagram following. Use them to showcase products or services you offer, offer discounts or coupons, or share engaging content.

Instagram Story content offers various features for creatives, such as hands-free videos, countdown widgets, and polls that viewers can respond to through textual input. Furthermore, third-party tools exist that enable viewers to view your Story privately.

Rival IQ research indicates that stories with photos and videos generate the highest level of engagement from audiences, while those containing short narratives prove particularly popular with consumers. Furthermore, you can link your Stories to other accounts by enabling viewers to send them as direct messages (DMs) directly; this allows audiences to engage with your content in new ways!

4. Engage with Your Audience

When creating Instagram content, it is vital to understand what resonates with and engages your target audience and craft messages that will increase follower count and engagement.

If people seem interested in your photos featuring food, try posting more similar posts. Or if people seem engaged by your location-based content, geotag more pictures from around your local business and community.

Instagram Insights provide an effective way of discovering when your audience is most active and posting at those times. Furthermore, testing out different content types – carousel posts or IGTV videos, for instance – may prove fruitful in reaching your target demographic; just be careful not to post too often one kind of post as too much repetition of one can look spammy!

5. Build a Community

Establishing a community on Instagram is one of the best strategies to grow followers over time and benefit your business in the long run.

Create a community by curating user-generated content and posting it to your feed. This shows your audience that you respect their feedback and care about their experience with your brand.

Build your community by encouraging followers to post about you using a specific hashtag; this allows you to collect and share their posts on your Instagram account easily.

Finally, Instagram contests can help your brand build community if the game fits within your brand’s identity and vision. Otherwise, using this strategy could backfire and harm its reputation.

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