The Hillier Garden Centre in Syon Park, Surrey


If you want to visit Syon Park Garden Centre, you can do it every day. The garden centre stays open until 7 pm, Monday to Saturday. This means that you can visit after work or at the end of the day. They also have a farm shop where you can buy a variety of organic food products.

Hillier Garden Centre Syon Park

The Hillier Garden Centre Syon Park will open on Wednesday. The company has fully revamped the old garden centre in Syon Park in West London and has created a unique and tranquil oasis that will inspire and amaze visitors. It will also include a farm shop, café, and separate restaurant. The centre will also sell unique giftware.

Syon Park

Syon Park Garden Centre in Surrey is getting a new face. The Hillier brand will be taking over this garden centre in Spring 2021. The company will invest in the site to transform it into a premier destination for gardening and homeware. This new garden centre will share the passion for plants with customers and offer expert gardening advice. The new Syon Park Garden Centre is also set to create jobs for the local community.

Syon Park Gardens

Syon Park Garden Centre is set to undergo a significant transformation thanks to a partnership with horticulture company Hillier. Both companies have a keen interest in being part of the local community and creating jobs. They will also invest heavily in the centre. This means that visitors will be able to browse a variety of top-quality plants. The new partnership will also bring in produce from local suppliers.

Farm shop

Syon Park Garden Centre is set to undergo a transformation by introducing a new farm shop. The new business will be operated by Hillier, a horticulture business from Romsey. It aims to become part of the community and create new jobs, and has committed to investing heavily in the garden centre. Visitors to the centre will be able to purchase a wide range of quality plants and vegetables. It will also offer fresh produce from local producers.


Pioneer Garden Centre was founded in 1968 as a retail outlet for gardening tools and plants. It is located in an elegant 16th-century stable block.

Fish pond

Syon Park Garden Centre is an oasis of calm, with a fish pond and a wide range of plants. It was designed by Capability Brown and is regularly stocked with both rainbow and brown trout. It’s a good place to learn the basics of fishing, or to become a more experienced angler. It’s open daily except for Christmas Day.

Rare plants

In the late eighteenth century, Syon Park Garden Centre began importing exotic trees from North America. With the growth of trade and the work of plant hunters, the rate of plant introduction accelerated. The collection also grew to include new discoveries from China and the Himalayas. The collection was so impressive that a German visitor was struck by the vast number of gigantic trees in the open air.

Open every day

Open seven days a week, Syon Park Garden Centre is a great place to spend your day off. From Tuesday to Saturday, you can enjoy the gardens until 7 pm. On Sundays, they are open until 5 pm. There is even a special half-term event in October where admission is free and children can visit for half price.

Located 470 feet south of Syon Park

Located just south of Syon Park Garden Centre is a 56.6-hectare garden. This tranquil oasis is home to a variety of plants, quality homeware, and thoughtful gifts. In addition to its garden centre, Hillier also runs an expansive deli and gift shop.

Expected to reopen in Spring 2021

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