Thimble Insurance Reviews – What We Like and What We Don’t Like About Thimble Insurance


The recent launch of Thimble Insurance has made this company a player in the commercial insurance market. This new company offers low rates, flexible policies, and a fast underwriting process. Let’s look at what we like about Thimble and what we don’t like. First, customer service is lacking. The thimble doesn’t offer live chat or phone support. Its customer service is limited to email only.

Thimble Insurance is a new player in the commercial insurance market

With an AI-driven website and mobile app, Thimble allows small business owners to compare quotes from multiple insurance providers for one policy. In addition, their policies are flexible, meaning you can choose what coverage is best for your business. Founded in 2018, Thimble has seen a nearly threefold increase in policy sales in the past year.

Thimble has a reputation for fast and easy quotes and offers reasonable prices. But there are some issues with their claims process. Customers want a simple, transparent experience when purchasing insurance.

It offers flexible policies.

Thimble Insurance offers flexible policies for freelancers, independent contractors, and other business owners. The company offers policies in various states and class codes. It will consider the risk to your business, employee pay rates, and claim history to calculate a quote for your business. Because working compensation insurance rates vary from state to state, it is essential to compare quotes before choosing a plan.

Thimble’s flexible insurance policies are affordable and tailored to the needs of freelancers and contractors. It offers policies that cover single jobs as well as hourly coverage. You can purchase coverage online or through an app within minutes. You can also purchase policies that last for several months or years.

It has a fast underwriting process.

Thimble is an online insurance provider that offers liability insurance to small businesses and self-employed individuals. Its fast underwriting process allows applicants to get a quote and be approved for coverage in 60 seconds or less. The company is part of the IAC group, which owns websites like Investopedia and Verifly. The company began operations in 2016, focusing on drone insurance but has expanded to provide liability insurance to small businesses.

Thimble Insurance offers low-cost policies for short-term needs. It aims to attract freelancers and self-employed individuals looking for liability insurance. In addition to liability policies, Thimble offers drone policies underwritten by Global Aerospace Inc. and Markel Corp.

It offers low rates

If you’re looking for a great insurance company that offers low rates, consider Thimble Insurance Services. They’re a licensed insurance broker in all 50 states. Their website has a no-obligation quote tool and will allow you to see how much your policy will cost. You can also select the amount of coverage you need.

Thimble offers several event plans, including a monthly planet that offers affordable coverage. They also offer a service called “Thimble On Demand,” which allows you to buy coverage by the hour and cancel it up to one hour before it begins. This can be a great choice if you’re bidding on a big project and don’t want to pay for coverage for more than a few hours. Thimble also offers coverage for seasonal or unpredictable workers.

The cost of small business insurance depends on several factors, including the location of your business, the limits of coverage, and the size of your team. The average price for general liability insurance from Thimble starts at just $17 per month. You can add additional coverage for more money. Thimble also offers policy options that allow you to pay for coverage by the hour, day, week, or month, as needed.

It has more complaints than expected.

Thimble Insurance has received more complaints than anticipated from consumers. A company’s Trustpilot score is based on two complaints per category; this company has received more than six hundred. While most of its customers are happy with its products, some are frustrated with its policies.

However, the company does offer a convenient and affordable service. Its online quote system is easy to use. The company asks for basic information and a brief claim summary, which is then processed for you. Thimble also lets you file a claim online or over the phone, which can be convenient for new businesses that want to avoid unnecessary costs.