Top 5 Tours in Barcelona


Let a local guide show you all of Barcelona’s unique charms and features that make its most iconic attractions genuinely extraordinary. From ancient neighborhoods to culinary treasures, tours are available for every interest and pace imaginable. Obtain the Best information about que hacer en Barcelona este fin de semana.

Skip the lines at La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell with an expert-guided tour. Discover Antoni Gaudi’s architectural marvels while learning more about his intriguing life.

Bar Canete

As is the case with many of the city’s finest eateries, Bar Canete first began as a modest family-run establishment but has quickly earned itself an excellent reputation among both local gourmands and those seeking top-quality Spanish cuisine. Their menu offers classic Catalan dishes with creative flourishes for maximum flavor – their chefs don’t shy away from experimentation with ingredients yet never stray too far from what makes these dishes great in the first place.

The dining space at La Bottega dei Fiori is clearly divided into two areas: an informal, long, narrow bar that overlooks the kitchen where you can watch chefs jostle over hot frying pans and slice buttery jamon Iberico slices and a more formal room of dark wood furniture, comfortable red leather seats, and moody lighting – either way the service is always exceptional and chefs seem to be having an incredible time in both environments!

The menu at El Prat is an adventure through extraordinary ingredients, classic preparations, and dynamic dishes. Standout items on their list include salmorejo Cordobez (their version of traditional gazpacho made with beetroot), shrimp from Cadiz, aubergines a la Cordoba, and fried fish from Malaga; wafer-thin slices piled high of grilled artichokes from El Prat that made us play Jenga until our tower of them came crumbling down without collapsing; as well as offering classic dessert options like classic millefeuille and baba au rhum.

La Boqueria

Visit Barcelona without visiting La Boqueria Market! This historic food and flower market, situated at the center of Barcelona, is widely considered one of the finest markets in Europe. Wander around its sprawling stalls for an eye- and sense-pleasing feast – fresh produce, cheeses, meats, and seafood imported directly from ports daily are plentiful at these stalls! Certainly on tourist radar and can get very busy at peak times; nevertheless, it remains well worth your while!

Experienced visitors may opt for a guided tour, while casual visitors may explore its patterned walkways at their leisure. Here, you’ll discover fresh produce and specialty shops such as those selling saffron (azafran), an exotic spice that gives rice dishes and stews their signature warm, inviting yellow hue. Ferran Adria found great inspiration in using it when developing his world-famous creations!

Enjoy a snack from one of the many food stalls or sit down at one of the tapas bars, such as Bar Pinotxo run by Juanito and famous for their excellent “fork breakfasts”, such as tender baby squid with local white beans topped off with blood sausage (cigrons amb botifarra negra). Wash down your meal with cold cava or freshly squeezed orange juice!

La Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudi designed the Sagrada Familia as one of Barcelona’s iconic landmarks; its full name being Temple Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia; this unfinished masterpiece still attracts millions of visitors each year who come to witness its spectacular spires, intricate facades and beautiful stained glass windows.

Tours of the basilica offer an in-depth exploration of its structure and allow visitors to get up close to its exquisite details. Tours are suitable for people of all ages and include skip-the-line entrance tickets with expert guides providing insight during their experience. Some tours even have access to some of the church towers so visitors can gain another perspective of its interior.

There are various tours available, so you can select one that meets both your interests and budget requirements. If time is of the essence, consider booking a guided visit that covers all significant exterior and interior spaces quickly and painlessly. Some tours also offer combination packages allowing visitors to discover other parts of Barcelona such as Park Guell or Montserrat as part of their visit – ideal for families wishing to see multiple landmark destinations with their children in one trip!

Torre Glories

Torre Glories (previously Torre Agbar) stands as an iconic landmark of Barcelona’s contemporary architecture and offers visitors an exciting new way to experience it. Conceived and built in the late 1990s by French architect Jean Nouvel for Aigues de Barcelona – now known as Barcelona Water – as their headquarters. Often compared with Antoni Gaudi’s work, its form draws its inspiration from Montserrat mountains and waterfalls rather than traditional forms found elsewhere in Barcelona.

This structure was intended to be a living building, adapting to its surroundings and following ecological trends. With 4500 windows that reflect city life during the day and light up for an eye-catching light show at night, visitors to this tower can also take in an art installation by contemporary artist Tomas Saraceno – both feature within this tower structure itself.

Beginning your visit in the basement of the building, you will discover a unique perspective of Barcelona through an interactive exhibition equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Moving up to the 30th floor – Barcelona’s highest observation point – and take in panoramic views spanning Montjuic to Sagrada Familia that no other lookout can provide.