Trading Post Marine – Where Do-It-Yourself Boaters Find Hard-To-Find Parts


Trading Post Marine provides do-it-yourself boaters in South West Florida with four convenient locations offering used parts to make boat ownership affordable. Established by Clarence Kellermann in 1985, Christine Kellermann now manages this family-run company specializing in hard-to-find items such as engine/drive parts, electrical hardware, and plumbing materials – not to mention propellers/pullers/pumps and plumbing needs.

Engine & Drive

Trading Post currently offers an array of boats with engine options designed to fit various budgets and applications. These vessels feature familiar designs such as modified vee hulls that make for perfect solutions for recreational boating and commercial activities, like commercial fishing. Many come equipped with inboard propulsion systems powered by diesel and other fuel sources. According to our analyst team’s projections, the marine engines market is expected to reach US$41.9 billion by 2022.

Propellers & Pumps & Plumbing

Marine Trading Post has long been trusted by do-it-yourself boaters as an affordable source for hard-to-find parts, saving them thousands on repair services or an entirely new boat purchase. What began on the corner of Pondella and Old 41 in North Fort Myers has since expanded into a family-owned and operated business with four Southwest Florida locations. Christine Zimmermann and Joseph Zimmermann co-own their store together and say much of their merchandise comes through auction buyouts to keep prices low and boating more accessible to more people than might otherwise be able to afford it. Propellers and impellers are two boat components with seemingly similar functions yet are pretty distinct. A propeller works like a fan to push water forward, while an impeller is part of a pump setup creating sucking force; both use aerofoil technology based on Bernoulli’s principle to function.