Trusted Travel Reviews Goes Live For the Private Hire Industry


A dedicated review site for the private hire industry. A suite of widgets will let operators showcase their reviews online, from their website to their profile page. The system has gone live with Roeville and Don’t Travel Empty, two of the most popular review sites. The company is already working with airport parking, hotels, airport lounges, car hire and more, so it is only a matter of time before it covers all aspects of the industry.

Trusted Travel Reviews is the only review system dedicated to the private hire, coach holidays and buses industry.

Trusted Travel Reviews is a fantastic resource with a focus on the private hire, coach holidays, and buses sector. This independent review system can help you decide which operator fits your needs best. By reading reviews from other passengers, you’ll better understand the operators’ service. And because Trusted Travel Reviews is completely free to use, you won’t have to pay to submit a review!

Google acquired it in 2014

Google acquired trusted Travel Reviews, and the company’s services are similar to those of other review websites. They provide ratings and reviews of different destinations and hotels. Both have similar goals: ensuring consumers have a good travel experience and finding the best deals. Google has a history of investing in new businesses, but Trusted Travel Reviews has outperformed that strategy. For example, it offers e-mail alerts and notifications of changes in prices.

However, Google’s ability to gather and analyze a plethora of data about travellers raises concerns about the company’s plans to monopolize the travel industry. Other major players in the travel industry include Expedia, Priceline, and TripAdvisor. PhoCusWright, a travel industry research company, points out that Google also owns the ITA software, which routes consumers to hotel websites.

While Google’s acquisitions haven’t disrupted the travel industry, it has weakened the OTAs’ business model. While Google isn’t planning to compete directly with OTAs, it does stand to gain from the arrangement. Google is an investor in both Expedia and Room 77, which together make up 5% of its ad revenue of Google.

It offers airport parking, airport lounges, airport hotels and car hire

Finding the best airport parking is not difficult, but reputable operators invest in their operations and their safety. They invest in well-maintained transfer coaches and security staff and install entry and exit systems. They also invest in full insurance for all their operations. In contrast, rogue operators skip these safety precautions to increase profits and don’t provide full insurance. In addition, some rogue operators do not have customer reviews.

APH Airport Parking and Hotels was founded in 1980. A multi-award-winning airport parking company, it won the Best Airport Parking Company award at the 2017 British Travel Awards. Its car parks include Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham. In addition to car parking, Airport Parking and Hotels offers airport lounges, car hire and other travel extras. Read Trusted Travel Reviews to find the right airport parking service for you.

The Trusted Travel website has hundreds of reviews and recommendations for airport lounges, car hire, and airport parking. They also offer travel insurance. Trusted Travel will have a great airport lounge near your destination if you’re travelling for business or pleasure. If you’re on a tight budget, trust a travel company specialising in airport parking. These reviews are written by people who’ve used the lounges and can give you an honest and unbiased review.

While at the airport, you’ll want to ensure that your car is secure and easy to find when you arrive. Valet parking is usually more expensive, but you can often find a good deal if you book ahead. There are also drop-off points near the terminal, making it easy for you to pick up and drop off your car.

Airport lounges and car hire can be expensive, so finding a cheaper option is a great way to save money. Consider an off-airport hotel with cheap parking rates. These often cost less than those in the terminal, but you’ll stay a night. Also, don’t forget to consider the parking fee, which can be quite expensive in some cases.