If you have a UCO account, you can download the UCO BANKING PLUS app to your Android device. After you download it, you can access your account online. There are some limitations that you have to know. The app is not available on all Android devices. Check the website for details.

Terms and Conditions

UCO Mbanking Plus is a mobile banking service offered by the Bank. This mobile banking service allows customers to deposit and withdraw money using their mobile phones. A user must register and use a valid mobile number to conduct transactions. Once registered, a user is allowed to transact up to the limit. The marketing is nonretractable and is deemed to be a confide transaction. Nevertheless, the Bank reserves the right to change the ceiling.

After registration, UCO Bank provides two PINs for mobile banking. One is the MPIN, and the other is the TPIN. Both are sent through SMS to the registered mobile number. If the user does not have a mobile phone, the system will prompt them to enter a new one. Then, they can log in to their account using the UCO Mobile Banking application.

Mobile banking service

UCO mBanking plus is a mobile banking service that allows you to use your mobile device to conduct banking transactions. This service is available to all retail customers of the Bank. You can use your mobile phone with Android or iOS OS to download the application. After downloading and installing the application, you should enter your MPIN or TPIN through the mobile phone’s message box.

After signing up, you can start using UCO banking plus mobile banking services. You can use these services to make payments and transfers within your accounts. You can even transfer funds outside your Bank by using IMPS. You can also pay bills and recharge your mobile phone through this service.


Activation of UCO Mbanking Plus can be completed using the UCO mobile banking application. You must use the registered mobile number to send SMS to the TPIN/MPIN. Do not close the message box during the process. The SMS will verify your mobile number and send you a Time Password (OTP). Enter this OTP and proceed to enter the account and debit card details.

To activate mobile banking, you must have a UCO bank account. Activation of UCO mobile banking will give you access to several services online, including checking your account balance, managing ATM cards, and applying for a new checkbook. Once you’ve activated the application, you’ll need to enter the four-digit MPIN and TPIN to authenticate your account. You can also choose to use your fingerprint for TPIN and MPIN authentication.


The UCO mBanking Plus app has several limitations. One of the limitations is the requirement for a four-digit MPIN. Another rule is that users must have a high-speed internet connection. However, it can be solved by using different sources on the internet. These familiar sources of internet include WI-FI and broadband.

The UCO mBanking Plus app is a free application. It is suitable for both iOS and Android smart devices. Users can download the app to their smartphones and install it. The application is 17M in size and has a user-friendly interface. Although free, UCO mBanking Plus does not work on all smart devices.


The Uco Mbanking Plus indemnification policy covers several different areas. This includes using mobile devices, breach of terms and conditions, and unauthorized access to a Customer’s account. The Bank takes steps to protect Customer information and ensure it is accurate. However, if a customer breaches this indemnification policy, they may be liable for the loss and damage caused.

UCO Bank’s Mobile Banking Services are only available to retail customers. You must download an app onto an Android or iOS mobile handset to use this service. Once the application is installed, a customer will be given an MPIN/TPIN, which will be sent to the registered mobile number. In addition, a customer may choose to schedule a future transaction. In this case, the transaction will occur at 09:00 AM on the scheduled date.

Payment of utility bills

If you’ve been using UCO mBanking plus to pay your utility bills but are having trouble, there are a few things that you should try first. First, make sure that you are using the correct login credentials. You may have entered the wrong ones, or the server may be down. Once you’ve made sure that, you should be able to log in to your account successfully.

UCO mBanking plus also features a QR code feature, which allows you to scan a merchant’s QR code to pay them directly. This feature requires that you have linked your debit card to your account. It also has an account statement tab where you can easily access recent transactions. You can also customize your statement by choosing the date range that you’d like to pay.