UNA at the Alkaff Mansion Menu


For dining experiences with a difference, UNA at the Alkaff Mansion serves up a selection of Basque dishes. With its location in the lower courtyard, the restaurant is an ideal choice for those who enjoy a little extra spice in their lives. In addition, the restaurant’s charming decor and enchanting ambience make you feel like you’re dining in a Spanish palace.

UNA at the Alkaff Mansion

Previously operating at One Rochester, UNA has reopened its doors at The Alkaff Mansion. Located on Level 2 of the 101-year-old heritage building, the new restaurant specialises in Basque Cuisine. UNA’s menu features an emphasis on seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

The food at UNA at the Alkaff Mansion is influenced by Basque cuisine and is served in a casual, cosy atmosphere. It is set high in the trees, which helps to create a comfortable and social atmosphere. The restaurant also has a new interior design and fresh renovations. It has also taken on the challenges of dining indoors.

The food at UNA at the Alkaff Mansion is modern Basque cuisine, emphasising the Basque region of Spain. Guests can enjoy tapas-style small plates, including Spanish paella. The restaurant is located on the second level of the Alkaff Mansion, which boasts a view of Telok Blangah Green.

Cordoba Patio Festival

In May, The Alkaff Mansion is celebrating Spain’s Cordoba Festival, locally known as the Fiesta de Los Patios. Visitors can enjoy the colourful flowers and live music in the town’s streets. The grounds of The Alkaff Mansion have been decorated similarly. The Wildseed Cafe and UNA will serve a special menu during this time.

The Cordoba Patio Festival is an annual event held in the City of Cordoba, Spain, which honours the tradition of decorating homes with colourful plants. The festival takes place over the first three days of May and includes a special spring wine-pairing menu. The dishes featured in this festival are Foie Gras Soup and Almond & Pistachio Biscotti.

During the Cordoba Patio Festival, many house owners open their patios for visitors to enjoy. The courtyards are filled with flowers, trees, and fountains. The heavenly smell of the flowers will transport you to this vibrant city’s heart.

UNA’s Basque cuisine

Previously operating at One Rochester, UNA has returned to the City to open UNA at The Alkaff Mansion on Level 2. Situated on the second floor of a 101-year-old heritage building, UNA is known for its authentic Basque cuisine.

UNA has a unique atmosphere that is both stylish and comfortable. The restaurant’s interior features dark ebony-hued timber and Tudor-style architecture. It serves Basque-inspired dishes, including its signature Paella de Marisco, a traditional seafood paella.

UNA’s Basque-inspired dishes were served at a casual pace. The dining room, situated on the second floor of the historical site, strikes a balance between social safety and a comfortable, intimate atmosphere. The location of the historic building is also a plus – it is set high among trees, providing a serene, secluded setting for a memorable meal.

UNA’s Basque-inspired menu also includes a cult dish called txuleta, which is beef ribs marinated with piquillo sauce. The beef used in this dish is typically from an older cow, which makes for a richer flavour. Other words include the Ensalada de Tomate y Atun ($10), which features heirloom tomatoes and tuna.

UNA’s lower courtyard

The lower courtyard of UNA contains several parts. These include a causeway connecting the temple in the harbour with the mortuary temple. There is also a massive granite doorway that leads into the mortuary temple. The mortuary temple was built by the successor of Unas, Teti. The temple contains two long boat pits, which once had wooden boats, possibly the solar barques of Ra. The lower courtyard also features a transverse corridor separating the inner and outer temple. Its entry chapel was once adorned with five statues arranged in niches.

The tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Unas was the smallest pyramid of the Old Kingdom, but it contains an inscription of a protective spell for the king’s afterlife. The tradition of burying the dead with a text has survived from the Old Kingdom into the Middle Kingdom. These texts, known as Coffin Texts, form the basis of the Book of the Dead.