Visual Basic 2008 Tutorial


To learn Visual Basic 2008, you should look for a tutorial that begins from the basics. This way, you’ll learn how to create a visual interface, program simple events, and understand the structure of a Windows application. You’ll also learn about the My object and the various components of the Windows user interface. In addition, you’ll learn how to write code snippets. These snippets will make the language easier to understand.


VBScript is a programming language that allows the user to write scripts. It uses a file system object feature that allows the user to work with files, folders, and drives. It also lets the user perform certain operations on these objects, either manually or automatically. It can be used to create web pages and games or even automate various tasks.

VBScript was initially designed as a client-side scripting language, but it has since been used in many other environments. As a result, it is one of the most popular scripting languages in use today. VBScript tutorials are available on the web at websites that specialize in scripting.

VBScript version 1.0 was introduced in Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 in 1996. It was designed to help developers create interactive and responsive web pages. In addition, it allows scripts to display extended information about hyperlinks when the user hovers over them. It also provides validation of data without submitting it to a server.

VBScript is a subset of Visual Basic.

VBScript is a subset of the Visual Basic programming language. This means many of the same concepts and syntax can be used to write programs in VBScript. However, there are some differences between VBScript and VB. For example, VBScript does not allow you to initialize arrays at the time of declaration, unlike VB. It also does not support the object-oriented programming language (OBJC) or the multi-threading mechanism.

VBScript can also use constants, which are named variables with explicit values. When using variables in VBScript, call them in uppercase and use an underscore after them. This helps to make it evident that the variable is an ersatz constant. VBScript uses two types of constants: String and Long. The latter type represents text, while the former is used for data.

VBScript has many limitations, including that it can only run in Internet Explorer and Microsoft’s web server. It can also only be used on Windows. It is also vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. For example, a virus called ILOVEYOU used VBScript to attack users, masquerading as a harmless text file.

VBScript is an event-driven programming language.

Microsoft Visual Basic Script is a scripting language that is similar to JavaScript. It can produce simple GUI applications or highly sophisticated web applications. Like JavaScript, it can also be used to create applications that run on a user’s device. VBScript is designed to be interpreted on a Microsoft Windows operating system.

It uses procedure-based syntax to organize its code. It distinguishes between functions and subroutines. It also supports positional and reference-based parameters. The language uses Do Loops, If-Then-Else statements, and nested control structures. It also includes a large number of constants.

Events are an essential topic in VBScript. These trigger various actions and need to be appropriately handled. The VBScript course will cover the different types of events and how to manage them.

VBScript can be used to customize Excel.

If you want to automate specific tasks in Excel, you can use VBScript to automate them. VBScript has several features you can leverage to automate various functions in the spreadsheet. For example, you can set constant values for a particular column. You can then use a VBScript script to change these values.

You can record mouse clicks and keystrokes, but certain functions require more advanced scripting. Excel allows you to create more complicated scripts with VBA scripting. You must first access the Developer tab from the Ribbon menu to create a script. Once you’re on the Developer tab, click on “Scripts.” In the Developer tab, click “Script Editor.” You can then write the scripts you need. Before you can run the code, make sure you read the warning box. Running malicious code can harm your computer.

After running the script, you should be able to see the results of your workbook. VBScript has several functions to help you automate the process. You can even create Active Directory user accounts or format multiple cells at a time.