Warehouse Staffing Best Practices


Warehouse employees are an essential component of the logistics industry, yet finding quality employees can be challenging. Here is the best guide to finding warehouse staffing agencies.

Numerous variables come into play when staffing warehouses, from changing job markets and growing online sales to staffing needs changing quickly and unexpectedly. Because of this, warehouses must remain flexible in their staffing strategies.

Cooperating with a temporary agency can be advantageous. Here are five benefits associated with using warehouse temp agencies:


Many warehouse employees strive to strike a balance between work and life outside the workplace, and flexible scheduling and shift-swapping policies can attract candidates who appreciate such features in a job. Not only can this foster an atmosphere of flexibility within an organization, but these strategies may help decrease employee turnover rates, saving businesses money.

Warehouse staffing agencies can be invaluable resources for finding local workers to fill various warehouse positions, from pickers, packers, and stockers to shippers and picker-packers. Furthermore, staffing agencies offer temporary workers as needed during busy periods or special projects so that operations continue running smoothly.

Temporary workers can help your company manage a surge in warehousing orders without overwhelming permanent employees, and you can hire them temporarily as the demand decreases – giving you an opportunity to test out talent before making a long-term commitment and saving costs on training new workers. Furthermore, their reduced attrition saves company resources and boosts performance.


Warehouse employees account for a substantial proportion of operational costs. Optimizing workflows through layout optimization, adopting automation solutions such as SAP Business One, and encouraging an environment that prioritizes productivity can drastically cut these expenses down. Regularly reviewing and adjusting warehouse operations also helps bring costs down significantly.

Labor costs encompass more than just warehouse workers’ wages; they also include employee training seminars to enhance performance. You can manage these expenses by creating standard procedures and reinforcing them within your warehouse, and you could also save labor costs by automating business processes.

Temporary staffing agencies maintain a roster of local workers capable of handling various warehouse tasks. They find employees quickly to join your team and save you time and money. In addition, these staffing agencies will take care of payroll administration expenses such as tax withholdings, workers’ comp coverage, and wage garnishments, freeing your HR and administrative teams up to focus on core business objectives instead. Plus, they absorb costs related to benefits that many warehouse employers incur.


Warehouse managers can quickly increase production by working with a temp agency. Temp agencies specialize in finding skilled candidates quickly while managing the hiring process for you, saving both time and reducing the risk of making bad hires.

Staffing agencies maintain databases of workers from entry-level positions such as clerks and receptionists to more senior roles like warehouse managers and liaisons, saving your organization weeks on the recruitment process or missing out on productivity gains.

Support during peak seasons can also help your full-time employees avoid burnout and turnover and reduce accidents. A staffing agency may connect you with workers who have completed safety training to work at your facility more safely; this could reduce workplace accidents during busy periods. Furthermore, warehouse management systems (WMSs) can optimize tasks by sequencing jobs, directing picking, and suggesting replenishment strategies to save your team’s time – improving overall productivity significantly.


Warehouse workers must understand and implement various production processes that vary between companies while possessing strong communication skills to give and receive instructions safely and efficiently. Staffing agencies maintain an extensive database of warehouse workers available for various shifts or to fulfill specific roles within a warehouse environment.

Warehouse staffing agencies conduct an intensive vetting process that includes interviewing and verifying references in order to provide you with candidates who have received safety training so they will be fully prepared to complete their duties in your warehouse environment.

Warehouse employees must be quick and flexible enough to respond swiftly to shift changes and production peaks, helping businesses adapt more readily to changing business conditions. An effective warehouse staffing agency can connect you with local workers in picker roles such as picker-packer-stocker/shipper. Furthermore, they may provide workers with specific expertise using equipment like forklifts.

Hiring Mistakes

Many warehouse staffing mistakes result from poor hiring decisions. Therefore, it is vital to use best practices when recruiting and screening warehouse labor staff, as well as training and onboarding them effectively, to eliminate errors associated with successfully staffing warehouses.

An unfortunate oversight in job postings is failing to clarify how strenuous warehouse work really is. This leads to disgruntled new hires and low workplace morale. A great way to remedy this is to ensure your job description clearly outlines its requirements and any provisions your employer makes to limit antisocial hours.

Keep in mind that temp workers may not always be suitable for long-term warehouse roles. Addressing this challenge can help you partner with a specialist temp recruiter and customize job advertisements specifically for temporary positions. Furthermore, providing clear pathways from operative roles into middle or senior management positions could allow an exceptional warehouse worker to advance their career without having to leave your company altogether.