What Are You Doing Meaning in Hindi?


What are you doing, meaning in Hindi, is a question asking for more details about someone’s current activity. It can be used to ask about their personal life or professional work.

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What are you doing, meaning in Hindi, is a question used to ask someone how they are. It can be asked of a male or female. The answer can be anything from nothing to something exciting. It can also be something that is not so good. The question is usually asked after a person has been told about something. It can also be a question that is asked to someone who is not close to the person asking the question. It can be asked of people of any age.

To say what you are doing in Hindi, use a combination of aap (aphe), kaya (kya kare), and rahe hai (rahi hai). You can replace the word ‘kare’ with ‘tu’ to make it feminine. The word ‘rahi’ can also be replaced with ‘thu’ to be respectful towards a male.

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Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning to each other. For example, if you say “saal ke taal”, the antonym is “saal ke kaal.” When you speak Hindi, it is essential to know which word has the opposite meaning of the one you are saying. Otherwise, your listeners may be confused or offended. There are many antonyms for the word “doing” in Hindi. Some of these include raat, kar, tu, and hai.

For example, when you want to ask if someone is fine, you can say, “Kya kaal raha hai?” or, “Kya tuu kaal raha hoon?”. When you are talking about your friends, you can also use tuu or thuu to express your love and affection.

In the same way, there are a number of antonyms for the phrase dhoond ko. For example, you can say dhoond ki taal, dhoond ke taal, or dhoond ke kale. These are just a few of the many antonyms for the word “doing.” When you are learning Hindi, it is essential to know these terms so that you can correctly understand the meaning of other words. This will help you develop your vocabulary and increase your communication skills. Also, it will help you avoid making mistakes when using the language in everyday life. This will make your life much easier and more enjoyable.


For example, if someone asks “How are you?” in Hindi, you can respond by saying “Tum kya kr rhe ho?” (if you’re speaking to a male) or “Apne sttti ke rhii hai?” (if you’re talking to s female).

You can also say “Tum smy ka ghare bhaiya” or “aapne stti kaise bitaa?”. These phrases are appropriate for use in a casual conversation or when you’re not trying to be formal.

In some cases, you may need to be more formal when asking about a person’s situation or status. For example, if you want to know how someone’s school year is going, you may need to ask them, “Tum kya kara hai?” (if they are a student) or “Apne state ke this bhaiya ka?” (if they’re working).

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