Why Does Amazon Reserve a Product?


Reserved – FC Processing

There are many different reasons why Amazon might decide to reserve a product. This includes a pending order, a misplaced item, or inventory issue. The type of product can also play a part. For example, a large quantity of a particular product may result in more units being reserved. These are not immediately available for sale, and the items may take several weeks to be returned to the “available on” page.

The time required for FC processing depends on the size of the product and whether the company has a storage account. Small products usually take about two days, while larger ones might take as long as a week. It also depends on the reason for the FC processing. Sometimes, the unit is being processed because of an issue with the product’s dimensions. Other times, it may be due to a problem with the product’s listing page.

When the FC processing starts, the unit is checked to ensure it is still compliant with Amazon’s regulations and guidelines. The unit is then taken out of storage and sent to a fulfillment center for further processing. Sometimes, the team is also sorted for additional shipping to the customers. If this happens, the units are often redistributed to another fulfillment center. The items are in the Reserved – FC Processing status during this time.

As soon as the FC transfer is complete, the units will appear as available on the inventory report. However, the teams will remain in the “reserved – FC processing” status until the items are finally shipped to the customer. You can check the number of FC processing units on the Inventory Planner.

FC processing can be done on any item that has been redistributed to a new fulfillment center. For example, a product in stock for a while is redistributed to whichever warehouse is closest to the customer’s location. Depending on the amount of stock that needs to be redistributed, it can take between three and eleven days. Afterward, the item is no longer in the Reserved – FC Processing status and is available to be sold.

You can do some things to help your Amazon products get into the Reserved – FC Processing status. First, you should contact the seller of the product. They might need additional documentation or even want to inspect the item before it is distributed to the customers. A second option is to open a case with Amazon Seller Support. The claim can be filed if you notice an issue with the product. Whether you file a claim or not, you must stay on top of your inventory and keep up with the best practices for inventory management.

One thing to consider, however, is that Amazon Prime members will not be able to purchase items with same-day shipping. Amazon may not make that possible for a few more weeks, and Prime members can only buy things already in the FC transfer status.