Why Polyurea Training Is A Must


Applying polyurea coatings requires special training. Otherwise, mistakes could have severe repercussions for a project. What do you consider about polyurea training.

ArmorThane’s polyurea training program equips you with the necessary skills for success in the industry – helping you avoid common errors, build strong reputations, and maximize ROI.

1. Increase Your Skills

Contractors that specialize in polyurea coatings should invest in their skills and training. This will give them the expertise to deliver work that exceeds client expectations while at the same time helping secure more projects in the future.

The Teknos Coatings University provides courses that give you the knowledge and skills to become an expert at applying polyurea. Classes cover topics such as polyurea systems, basic material processing techniques, fast-set spray polyurea equipment installation techniques, and much more – tailoring each lesson to the needs of painters, plumbers, and general contractors alike.

Coatings Academy is another fantastic source of polyurea information. These courses offer courses and certifications related to coatings and corrosion control, including the Coating Inspector Program, designed to teach students how to inspect and evaluate polyurea coatings to ensure they comply with industry standards and specifications.

When purchasing a polyurea spray gun, it’s essential to consider your projects and budget before selecting an appropriate model. A quality gun should provide high performance and durability and training support so you know how best to utilize your new equipment.

2. Avoid Common Mistakes

One of the most frequent mistakes people make when applying polyurea coatings is failing to follow manufacturer directions, leading to problems such as bubbles, blisters, or uneven surfaces. To prevent such complications from occurring, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when mixing the product carefully. This way, you’ll avoid unnecessary problems.

More than preparing the surface before applying a coating can result in issues, including adhesion loss or even structural failure, so ensure your cover is thoroughly designed before applying your coat on top of a clean and dry surface. To avoid these issues, prepare it thoroughly and apply your coating only to a character that has been adequately prepared before starting this project.

As it’s essential to the success of any polyurea application process, selecting a reliable training provider is also necessary. ArmorThane offers various courses and hands-on training to help you master polyurea application – the proper activity will enable you to create long-lasting surfaces for years.

Before beginning your polyurea coatings business, conducting extensive market research in your local area is essential. This will enable you to ascertain if there is enough demand for your services and establish realistic goals for the enterprise. With proper training and experience behind you, a successful coatings business will flourish for years.

3. Build Your Reputation

If you want to become a polyurea coating specialist, training from a reliable provider is necessary. They will teach the required application techniques that will lead to professional results while building up your reputation in the industry. Furthermore, such an organization will offer resources and support services for making this career path successful.

An effective way to locate a qualified contractor is through recommendations from friends and colleagues, industry trade shows or exhibitions where you can meet contractors face-to-face, and reviews online to gauge whether a specific contractor has established itself in their industry. You should also conduct background research using industry publications as an additional way of finding them.

Ensure that any prospective contractors are licensed and insured; this will protect you in case of accidents or property damage occurring during your project. Furthermore, choose someone with experience working on similar projects.

Getting ready to venture into a polyurea business? Conduct market research first to gauge demand, competition, legal, environmental regulations, and startup costs. Once complete, your research can help you decide if starting such an endeavor is the best choice.

4. Improve Your Return on Investment

Polyurea coatings and linings have long been recognized for their long-term durability and effectiveness, whether applied to aquaculture tanks or concrete garage floors. Their corrosion protection of pipeline piping, valves, and fittings in water, oil, or gas pipelines is unrivaled, and surfaces from abrasion and impact damage are reduced significantly; furthermore, they preserve ponds and canals by keeping them intact, repair concrete structures and resist chemicals, oils, salts used commercially or industrially on floors utilizing polyurea coatings or linings are also utilized in applications used on floors commercial or industrial floor applications utilizing commercial grade polyurea coatings which are resistant to chemicals, oils, salts as well as being highly durable lining options used commercially/industrial applications for floors used commercial/industrial floor applications as commercial/industrial floor applications utilizing commercial grade polyurea flooring options resistant.

Applying polyurea coating systems requires expensive multi-component spray equipment, including mobile units with full capabilities that cost upwards of $100,000 and require extensive training to operate safely and correctly. Given its cost and ongoing upkeep expenses, its best use should be maximized to achieve an acceptable return on investment.

Teknos offers polyurea training courses designed to maximize customers’ return on investment in the polyurea industry. These classes provide essential knowledge about polyurea products and applications and safety protocols associated with working with unique materials like polyurea. To register for Teknos’s Polyurea University Training Series classes or learn more, call 800-689-3844.

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