Women’s Clothing E-Commerce Dataset – Ninety Clothing Reviews


Ninety Clothing Reviews revolve around customer reviews for women’s clothing from e-commerce sites. The reviews contain nine supporting features: Clothing ID, Body, Review Text, and Review Rating. The Clothing ID refers to the specific piece of clothing being reviewed, and the Review Rating is a positive ordinal integer variable.

Women’s Clothing E-Commerce dataset

The Women’s Clothing E-Commerce dataset contains text and numerical data from consumer reviews. The clothing ID refers to the piece of clothing being reviewed, and the review text provides a customer’s description of the product. The Positive Feedback Count documents the number of positive reviews. The dataset also includes user demographics, including age and gender.

The dataset is small enough to be easily used to run visualization examples. For example, a bar chart can show nine common aspects and the words of the most common opinion. The heights of the bar charts indicate the percentages of people using the words. It is important to note that when using this dataset, the size is one aspect that customers do not like.

When looking at the consumption of various types of women’s clothing, it is interesting to note that women of all ages bought the most pants, followed by women between 30 and 54. The two age groups, however, were relatively equal regarding jeans. Women aged thirty to forty-two account for nearly half of total shorts sales, while women under thirty-four consume about a fifth of them. Women between 30 and 54 are also among the most active shoppers of legwear, contributing about 66% of all recommendations.

Sustainable womenswear label

Ninety Clothing is a sustainable women’s clothing brand that donates a portion of its profits to charities. The brand aims to challenge poor working conditions in the fashion industry and is committed to working with suppliers and other stakeholders to create a more sustainable future. Its mission is to create high-quality, ethical, fashionable womenswear that celebrates individuality.

The label uses a variety of eco-friendly fabrics and practices to produce eco-friendly clothing. For example, its Sunday romper is made of a sustainable bamboo and cotton blend that feels great against the skin. The company also only produces a limited number of items to minimize waste and ensure the clothing is durable and soft.

The brand is based in London and produces eco-luxe clothing. Their collection includes embroidered sweatshirts, organic cotton sweaters, and recycled polyester shirts. The company also works with ThreadUp, an online resale platform, to resell its products. Their clothing is also packaged in environmentally friendly packaging.

Distribution of profits to charities

Ninety Clothing Reviews is a website that provides customers with information about charities that benefit from their purchases. Ninety Percent is an ethical fashion brand that aims to help the poor. Founded by Shafiq Hassan, who previously owned a clothing factory in Bangladesh, Ninety Percent is dedicated to helping the less fortunate worldwide by donating 90 percent of its profits to charity. While many brands donate a portion of their profits to charity, this company is the first to pledge to distribute 90 percent of its profits to charity.

Ninety Percent is a contemporary womenswear label that gives back 90% of its profits. It lets customers choose which charities receive the money from their purchases. The brand works with groups such as War Child UK, Children’s Hope Foundation, Wild Aid, and Big Life Foundation to help those in need. Customers can vote for the charity they want to see their money go to by placing a care label code on their purchases.

Modern design

The ’90s aren’t dead. Despite financial pressures, Ninety Clothing is still the epitome of contemporary design. The iconic brand is known for its high-quality fabrics and innovative designs. The brand is renowned for its nautical-inspired striped sweater, a Vogue editor’s favorite. The oversized striped cardigan by Alex Mill is an easy way to add an extra layer to your wardrobe. A few elevated versions of an essential item can completely change the look of your wardrobe. For example, Ninety Percent and Re/Done offer ribbed tanks with a retro appeal without being too flashy.