ASI Full Form


The complete form of ASI is the Archeological Survey of India. However, the meaning of ASI can be different for different people. Some people use it to mean Shaayk up niriikssk while others may use it to mean archeology. Read on to learn more about this job description and the required qualifications.

Assistant Sub-Inspector

To apply as Assistant Sub-Inspector, you must be a graduate in any subject from a recognized university. Once you have completed your graduation, you may participate in the examination. This examination consists of 100 questions, has no negative marking and is timed for 120 minutes. The examination also requires candidates to undergo a physical test consisting of running activity. In this test, male and female sub-inspectors must cover a distance of five kilometers and two kilometers, respectively, within thirty minutes.

The Assistant Sub-Inspector is a non-gazette police officer whose rank is one level below that of a Sub-Inspector. ASIs wear a distinctive uniform with a red and blue striped ribbon and one star. The salary for an ASI is INR 5,200 to 20,200 with grade pay of two-and-a-half years.

In the Indian police service, the Assistant Sub-Inspector is a non-gazetted police officer whose duties involve observing and recording crimes. He or she reports to the police chief.

Meaning of ASI

As the name suggests, ASI stands for Assistant Sub-Inspector. This is a non-gazetted police officer and is one rank below a sub-inspector. However, ASI can have more than one meaning and is related to several terms. This article will look at what ASI means and how it relates to various terms.

The Archeological Survey of India was established in 1861 by Alexander Cunningham under the supervision of the British Archaeological Society. The ASI replaced the Antiquaries of India, and the name was changed to Archaeological Survey of India on 1 April 1936. In the Archaeological Survey of India, the ASI is an acronym for Assistant Sub-Inspector. The term ASI has several meanings and is used for various organizational positions.

The ASI position has more powers than a constable or a head constable but is generally less potent than a regular police officer. It assists an Inspector and a Sub-Inspector in examining a crime scene. It also has the authority to show the powers of an Inspector in specific circumstances.

Job description

The Executive Officer of ASI is responsible for directing the association’s work. The role involves developing system-wide initiatives, attending university and ASI events, and developing special projects. The Executive Officer also serves on ASI scholarship review committees. This position requires a half-time office schedule.

In India, an Assistant Sub-Inspector is an entry-level non-gazetted police officer. He or she may also be an investigating officer. Other officers above the Assistant Sub-Inspector are the Inspector, Deputy Superintendent of Police, and the border patrol platoon commander. The Assistant Sub-Inspector may be recruited directly or promoted from a previous rank, such as a constable or head constable.

As a member of the ASI, the job requires high-level physical fitness. A candidate must be free from any physical disabilities or medical conditions. He or she must also have good color vision. An ASI is assigned to a platoon as a drill officer in training centers.


The ASI Standards are internationally applicable and encompass all aspects of the aluminum value chain. They address key sustainability issues, including environmental, social, and governance requirements. The Standards also include guidelines for Chain of Custody and independent third-party assurance. They also contain guidance on ASI membership.

Assistant Inspectors have specific duties and responsibilities, and candidates must be in good physical and mental health. In addition, they must pass a rigorous medical examination. Applicants should be in the age range of 18-25. It is important to note that candidates must have passed at least Intermediate (10+2) or it’s equivalent and possess an aptitude for stenography.

To become an ASI, candidates must possess a degree from a recognized university and be fast in typing and shorthand. They should also have passed the SSC examination. The salary of an ASI ranges between twenty-five to thirty-five thousand dollars per year. ASIs are eligible for the central government’s health scheme as an additional benefit. The job is demanding, and the benefits are minimal.