Asphalt and Paving Near Me


Asphalt driveways are an enduring, affordable choice that requires little upkeep or maintenance over the years. To ensure maximum longevity for your asphalt driveway installation project, be sure to hire an experienced asphalt contractor and work with an asphalt specialist during its creation. Select the best New Orleans Asphalt Paving.

Professional contractors should provide references from satisfied customers and have a website displaying past work.


Asphalt paving is an attractive choice for driveways and roads due to its affordability and durability, offering good slip resistance as well as melting snow quickly on its surface. Over time, however, its condition may deteriorate due to environmental influences or vehicular traffic; when your asphalt pavement requires repair work, it should be left to a professional paving contractor in order to complete it effectively.

An asphalt paving company should possess experience working with this material and enjoy a strong standing in their local community. Furthermore, the business should be licensed and insured before using an acrylic polymer sealer instead of coal tar for less environmental harm and reduced toxic emissions. Finally, this firm should offer detailed estimates with warranties.

The cost of asphalt depends on its type and grade. Hot-mix asphalt costs $40 to $80 per ton, ideal for large surfaces or permanent repairs covering 30 to 80 square feet; cold-mix asphalt costs $8-20 per 50-lb bag, making it more suitable for smaller jobs or DIY repairs.

Find a paving contractor with competitive prices and reliable service by consulting their references and reviews on Google and HomeGuide. When considering companies certified by the state Department of Transportation, asphalt training programs, or the National Center for Asphalt Technology, empowering organizations should also be taken into consideration, ensuring workers compact a base foundation before spreading asphalt.


Asphalt is a long-lasting surface made to endure all weather conditions and traffic loads, lasting 15-20 years with cost-effective installation and maintenance costs, easy repair with crack fillers or patching methods, and simple to repair with crack fillers or patching techniques.

Experienced paving contractors are vital to prolonging the longevity of your driveway. A trusted company will use top-quality materials and equipment, as well as know how to grade and prepare the site before paving so the surface is level and even. Furthermore, experienced companies typically recommend sealing your driveway to protect it against weather elements and prolong its life expectancy.

Residential homeowners and business owners who are in the market to have their driveway paved can locate an asphalt contractor by searching online or receiving recommendations from friends and neighbors. Real estate agents also keep lists of recommended contractors they refer clients to when selling a house.

Asphalt paving mixtures are composed of stones and sand heated in combination with petroleum-based liquid asphalt cement until they liquefy, then poured onto the ground to form an attractive, smooth driving and parking surface. Asphalt is more affordable than other paving options, lasts longer than concrete surfaces, and remains more environmentally friendly thanks to being recycled multiple times over.


Asphalt pavements are durable and affordable, yet require special care in order to look their best. Cracked and potholed surfaces detract from aesthetic appeal, while cracks or potholes pose safety concerns for drivers and pedestrians. To prevent such problems from arising, hire a contractor with excellent credentials and experience; remember to check credentials, references, and online reviews before making your selection. For optimal results, hire someone who provides smooth surfaces, proper drainage solutions, and long lifespan paving jobs.

Asphalt driveways and parking lots play an essential role in commercial properties, primarily commercial real estate developments. A well-kept surface adds value and attracts new potential customers, but cracks or worn surfaces detract from its appearance and make the property look untidy and disorganized.

No matter whether you opt for asphalt or concrete pavement, selecting the appropriate color and design are both critical components to creating an eye-catching pavement surface. Asphalt tends to feature only grey colors, while concrete offers more options in terms of colors, stamping techniques, tinting effects, and stamping patterns.

As well as making sure the asphalt paving you hire is of high quality, you should also check to see that they have license and insurance documents – this could indicate whether they’re scam artists or will provide subpar work.


Asphalt driveways, parking lots, and roads add curb appeal to homes and businesses alike, as they provide an easy-care surface suitable for vehicles and pedestrians alike. Regular maintenance plans should include cleaning, crack repair, seal coating, and pothole repair – should you hire a paving contractor, be sure they’re Accredited businesses!

Paving contractors offer services for new construction as well as repair and maintenance work, from new buildout to repair or renovation of existing structures. They can recommend the correct type of asphalt to meet the needs of your project at an appropriate budget and advise you on effective maintenance methods for your climate and location.

Before beginning any maintenance work, it is vital to thoroughly clean the asphalt surface using either a power washer or broom. This will remove dirt, leaves, and other debris that may prevent seal coat adhesion, as well as repair any damaged areas prior to the application of seal coats.

Cracked asphalt provides the perfect environment for water, chemicals, and sunlight to degrade its surface, leaving small cracks that become entrenched over time and expand into potholes if left unfilled. Filing cracks as soon as they appear will save money over time.

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