The Benefits of Asphalt Paving in Dickson, Texas


Dickson Street will be repaved block-by-block in downtown Dickson, and completion is anticipated by July 21. Select the best Stockton Asphalt Paving.

Find the ideal Dickson Asphalt Paving Pros for your home project by specifying the project type, location, and specialty of the paving contractor. Once matched with top-rated pros, compare quotes before choosing the pro that suits you best.


A driveway is often the first impression guests have when entering a house, and professional paving contractors can help homeowners create one that looks both aesthetically pleasing and withstands the weather. Installation and maintenance specialists work with a range of materials such as gravel, asphalt, and concrete, as well as pervious concrete, which allows water to pass through instead of pooling up in pools on pavement.

Homeowners seeking an elegant aesthetic may opt for a paver brick driveway. While it will cost significantly more than asphalt or poured concrete, its long-term durability means heating elements can be installed for added safety and comfort – you could even stencil or brush natural-looking stone patterns onto it to imitate natural stone looks!

Before hiring a pro, homeowners should inquire about past work from potential contractors. A portfolio can give an indication of the quality you should expect, and they must specialize in creating designs matching what you desire; someone experienced at tinting can only sometimes produce pave cut styles as easily. Also, consider asking previous clients for references, as this provides an objective assessment of a contractor’s services.

Parking Lots

Paving parking lots is essential to business owners looking to promote safety, limit liability, and make a great first impression. Paved lots made of asphalt provide better drainage and traction for cars, trucks, and buses alike while increasing property values as well as curb appeal.

Paved parking lots must have adequate drainage in order to prevent water damage during rain storms, which can be accomplished by creating a suitable sub-base, usually comprised of crushed aggregate or recycled material. Furthermore, this sub-base acts as a frost barrier and protects asphalt pavement against freezing/thawing damages.

Once the sub-base has been laid, a layer of binder is applied before asphalt cement is spread on top. Rolling is then performed to compact and smooth out this layer – being careful that no holes or loose areas emerge that might lead to problems later.

There are various features you can add to a paved parking lot that can improve visibility and traffic coordination, making the lot safer for pedestrians. Furthermore, an experienced asphalt contractor will ensure adequate drainage and slopes.


Sidewalks form the backbone of pedestrian transportation networks, creating safe walkways between people’s homes and destinations such as businesses, public spaces, or recreational facilities. Sidewalks also serve as ideal surfaces for micro-mobility vehicles such as scooters, skateboards, or “hoverboards.” Aside from being used solely as walking space, sidewalks can accommodate other functions and amenities like bus stops, street markets, hospitality terraces, trees, landscaping, or bicycle parking.

These pathways for pedestrian traffic are generally separated from roadways by curbs and are usually made of concrete or asphalt paving; they may also feature gravel paths, stone, or any other material that meets this definition. Though most commonly utilized by pedestrians, sidewalks may also be used by cyclists, wheelchair users, and other mobility devices. Ideal sidewalks should provide two or more people the ability to walk side-by-side without interfering with each other’s movement and feature adequate levels of slope and drainage for proper functioning.

Communities often need help with expanding or improving their sidewalk systems, yet AARP’s Livability series of fact sheets offers a valuable resource to inform residents about the benefits of sidewalk connectivity and how they can make neighborhoods more liveable for all.


Roads are essential in connecting people to jobs, schools, and homes, as well as businesses and recreation areas. Unfortunately, roads can quickly become filthy over time; one way to keep them looking their best is resurfacing every few years – this involves grinding away at existing surfaces before placing new asphalt pavement over them for smoother surface conditions that improve traffic flow and aesthetic appeal.

Downtown Dickson is currently undergoing a significant paving project, and street crews are now focused on the area between College Avenue and North School. Here, they will be replacing sidewalks, curbs, brick pavers, and other features, as well as milling and overlaying asphalt pavement – this work will take place block-by-block.

Dixon Paving and Milling Inc., founded by family owners for many years, has established itself in the industry over time with a solid reputation for quality work and dedicated staff members. Additionally, they have developed strong supplier relations throughout the Southeast United States, while their commitment to customer service has seen their business become a leader in grading, milling, and paving services.

Homeowners should be wary of contractors offering to pave their driveway or parking lot using large dump trucks marked “City Wide Asphalt.” Before making their decision, homeowners should request proof that these contractors are insured and licensed before engaging them for work.

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